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What are Backlinks? The Power of Backlinks in SEO

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What are backlinks?

Perhaps all those who do marketing in general and those who are interested in SEO in particular have heard at least once the question: What is Backlink? And what role does it play in SEO?

A misconception of many people is: Just design a sales website, customers will automatically know your website. Why is it wrong? Simply put, your website is like your store, in order for customers to know and buy, you need advertising, PR, and attention in many different ways for buyers to know. For websites, too, online marketing is indispensable if you want customers to know about your website.

There are many solutions to help you have a successful online business such as facebook advertising, Google Ads advertising, marketing on zalo, tiktok or SEO website. And overall SEO, also known as website SEO, is the most economical and effective marketing solution in the long run. 

To be website seo To get to the top you need to do a lot of work and need to understand the concepts of SEO so as not to be "flooded" in the vast knowledge of marketing. In today's article, DPS Media will "dissect" the concept with you Backlinks What is that? What is the role of backlinks in SEO?

So let's find out more details through this article!

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from websites, forums, blogs, social networks pointing to your website. For SEO, backlinks are an important factor to evaluate the power and rank of your website on search engines. Thus, the more quality backlinks a website has, the higher the chances of getting to the top and vice versa.

Terms in SEO

To better understand backlinks and its role in SEO, you need to understand the following common terms:

  • Anchor text: When you click on a word or phrase, you will be redirected to another link, this is called the anchor text. When you want to promote a certain keyword, anchor text will be an important weapon to support.
  • Link juice: These are the links that point to the website. The Domain Authority of the website increases the more Link juice, helping to better support your SEO efficiency.
  • What is Dofollow Backlink?  Simply put, this is a link that helps webmasters notify Google that "hey, this is a good website, please index it" and of course, the page you link to will automatically receive +1 points based on the algorithm. Google's ranking algorithm and aromatic resonance for your site.
  • Backlinks What is nofollow?: These links mean “Hey! I only recommend this site, not sure about this site, so I'm not responsible for it!" Therefore, Google will only evaluate the site with the nofollow link and increase the traffic for that website, but not add points like when it is dofollow link.
  • Internal links: Links to articles within the same website. 
  • Low-quality links: Literally translated, these are poor quality backlinks. Backlinks that are pointed back from spam websites, websites that violate general rules or websites with malicious, depraved content ... are considered poor quality backlinks. Pay attention when your website has these backlinks!
  • What is Backlink Redirect? are backlinks obtained when navigating from site A (which is the site backlink) via site B is the intermediate site. 

The power of backlinks in SEO

After "walking" around with the most popular SEO techniques, let's learn the role of backlinks in SEO with DPS Media to better understand the power of this weapon called backlink!

Help improve website rankings

If you want to have a stable "seat" on the top of Google, backlink is a vote to help you do it. Users will be directed to your website for a specific purpose thanks to backlinks, so your website's ranking on Google search engines will be significantly improved if you own more quality backlinks.

Index is faster

Thanks to backlinks, Google bots will easily see and scan the content on all pages of your website faster and more powerfully. When the website's pages are indexed, the keyword ranking will be significantly improved.

Good news for new websites, if your website has quality backlinks, Google bot will detect and index faster. Not only does it help to increase the number of pages that are trusted by search engines, but it also helps to improve the number of potential keywords that rank on each page.

Increase indirect traffic thanks to backlinks

Thanks to backlinks, a large number of readers "accidentally" are drawn to your website without having to go through the search engines, this is called the source. Referral Traffic)

How to create quality backlinks

Exchange Backlinks

This is the most popular and easiest way to do that seoer is applying. There are two ways of exchanging backlinks: 2-way peer exchange and cross exchange. However, the two-way horizontal exchange is quite revealing and easy to be blacklisted by Google. The safe and highly recommended way of exchange by Google is cross backlink exchange.

Example of cross-link exchange is as follows: You have 3 sites A, B and C. Site A is in need of backlinks, the exchange model will be as follows: A => B => C => A.

Share on social networking sites

Social networking will definitely be indispensable in the list of needing to build quality backlinks, because this is a channel with many interactions, completely free and extremely effective. Every action of +1, click to view like and comment ... of social network users will be a vote of prestige to help your main site be indexed by the big man Google faster.

Professional Backlinking

This method is contraindicated for website owners who are "empty". By placing backlinks on reputable online newspaper sites, having a lot of visits will help your website increase its credibility and "drive" a huge amount of traffic from these pages, so of course, nothing is free..

Signature above Forum

This way is very simple, you "hang around" on the forums, create articles or comment on the available articles and "don't forget" to leave a signature containing a backlink pointing to your website. This method is simple, but it takes a lot of effort because you need to have a strategy to build quality content and select forums with high PR. And of course, your article needs to be of good quality to be accepted by the admin of the form to post.

Cross Link

In other words, building a satellite site system with the same topic as the main website and placing these backlinks on the main website, of course, must have a suitable placement strategy. These backlinks will be a powerful weapon to help increase the rankings of your website if built properly.

Read more about Building Satellite Websites in 2020 Complete

Link Bait

This is the hardest way but also the best, because you need to create viral content so that readers are impressed and share your content. If successfully built this way, you will get thousands of backlinks pointing to your website. 

Expect Post What is Backlink? What is the power of Backlinks in SEO? along with instructions on how to put effective backlinks will help Seoers in perfecting their SEO skills. However, SEO is a very broad field and requires a lot of experience if you want to successfully build a project.

If you are not sure about your capabilities, then DPS Media's seo service will be the perfect choice for you. Let DPS Media seo your total website to the top of Google in the safest and most effective way.



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