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Price List Booking KOLs 2022 And How To Book KOLs Effectively

Price List Booking KOLs 2022 And How To Book KOLs Effectively

In recent years, the use of KOL in marketing communication campaigns is indispensable for businesses. The cooperation with KOL faces helps the brand's image to be widely known, increase sales without spending too much time and money. However, the problem that arises now is how much is the reasonable cost of booking KOLs? How to find the right KOLs for your brand? So, in this post DPS will share with you the latest price list of KOLs booking in 2022 and how to effectively book KOLs for businesses.

What are Booking KOLs?

Booking KOLs is an activity where companies, brands… cooperate and use their image KOL to promote, bring images, products of your brand closer to customers. Because these people are known by many people and have great influence, their articles and video reviews will have a great impact on your business.

Booking KOLs is an activity that many businesses are interested in
Booking KOLs is an activity that many businesses are interested in

Some popular KOLs booking services in 2022:

  • Booking KOLs post on social media
  • Booking KOLs produce content for your products/services
  • Booking KOLs to attend events, represent images
  • Use UGC of KOL to orient the communication and increase the authenticity of the products/services of the business.

Depending on the form of booking KOLs will have different price lists. So, when booking KOLs, you need to find out carefully to be able to hire the right KOLs at the best price, saving costs for businesses.

Factors affecting the price list of booking KOLs

Number of followers KOLs 

The first factor that businesses care about when choosing KOLs to cooperate with advertising for their products and brands is the number of followers. Because KOLs have a higher number of followers, the more potential customers know about your products through promotional articles and videos. Therefore, this is the factor that determines the cost and price list of booking KOLs.

Number of followers KOLs 
Number of followers KOLs 


However, nowadays, there are many KOLs who buy themselves followers or create fame to increase their own value. However, this is only a virtual follower, poor quality followers. If hiring these KOLs, businesses will waste a large amount of money without getting the desired results. Even affect the brand image, lose the reputation of the business. 

Therefore, businesses need to learn carefully about the KOLs they choose before conducting cooperation. In addition, you can also choose a booking service through agencies for advice on choosing KOLs that are suitable for your budget and effective marketing campaign goals.

Level of interaction 

The level of interaction is displayed in the rate of likes, shares, and comments of articles that KOL posts on social networks. The more famous KOLs, the higher the interaction, which means the larger the number of target customers to reach. Therefore, the higher the number of interactions on social networks, the higher the booking price list.

Social networking platform 

Currently, there are many different social networking platforms for KOLs to freely create and transmit content. And each KOL will have a certain coverage on each platform. Therefore, the cost of booking KOLs will also be affected by social platforms.

The cost of hiring KOLs on social platforms is not the same
KOL booking prices on social platforms are not the same

Besides, the form of content transmission also affects the price list of booking KOLs. Specifically, with facebook, the preferred form of transmission is articles, images, videos...but with tiktok, youtube focuses mainly on videos. Therefore, the cost of booking on social platforms will be different. Usually, the cost of booking the production of videos, video shorts will be higher than posts in pictures and words.

Products of the enterprise 

Depending on the product and industry, the KOL booking price will be different. With expensive, highly competitive items such as cosmetics, cars, etc., prices will be higher than for conventional products such as drinks, confectionery, etc.

What KOLs have to do 

How should KOLs post content, how long? How long does the article and video need to be posted, does it need to be attached? bio link, pins do not… All these factors are also included in the cost and affect the price list of booking KOLs.

What elements does the KOLs quote list come with?

What elements does the KOLs quote list come with?
What elements does the KOLs quote list come with?

In addition to the costs of booking KOLs as mentioned above, usually the KOLs booking price list also comes with other factors such as:

  • KOLs' reporting costs for SOW
  • VAT (if required by customer)
  • Management cost (about 10 – 15%)

Therefore, before booking KOLs, businesses need to carefully study the components in the quotation. Thus, the cooperation between the two sides will be fastest and most convenient.

Tham khảo bảng báo giá booking KOLs mới nhất theo các ngành nghề, lĩnh vực (Update 2022)

Price list for booking KOLs who are celebrities 

STT Name Reference price
1Miss Ky Duyen 100 million dong
2Cong Phuong90 million VND
3Tran Thanh 80 million VND
4Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac45 million VND
5Ngo Kien Huy40 million VND
6Noo Phuoc Thinh50 million VND
7JustaTee30 million VND
8Black Vow20 million dong
9Phuong Ly40 million VND
11Quang Hai80 million VND
12Duy Manh60 million VND
13Thu Quynh 50 million VND
14Suni Ha Linh 35 million VND
15Duong Hoang Yen 35 million VND

Price list for booking KOLs in the fashion industry

STTName Reference price 
1Cao Phat 40 million VND
2Review page30 million VND
3Theanh 3020 million dong
4Khanh Dii20 million dong
5Tuan Vu 25 million VND

Price list for booking KOLs in the field of cosmetics

STTName Reference price 
1Hai Yen Bae35 million VND
2Linh Truong35 million VND
3Hei Mi Nhon15 million VND
4Page Lou18 million VND
5Nam Thuong 13 million VND

Price list for booking KOLs in the culinary field

STTNameReference price
1Ninh Tito30 million VND
2Likes to snack25 million VND
3Dinology18 million VND
4Sweet potato 60 million VND
5Woossi60 million VND

Should I book KOLs myself or book through an agency?

This is the question that many businesses face when starting a media campaign. However, to get the best effect, booking through an agency is still the best solution for businesses.

Because the Agency is an expert in the booking field, there will be a treasure trove of KOLs for businesses to choose from. Through the Agency, signing and negotiating with KOLs is also faster and more convenient.

Moreover, the Agency will help monitor the process of collaborating with KOLs to ensure issues such as deadlines, content, KPIs, etc. Thus, helping to limit risks, save time and costs for businesses.

Booking KOLs through the agency is easier and faster
Booking KOLs through the agency is easier and faster

Nên chọn đơn vị agency nào để booking KOLS?

Truyền thông DPS MEDIA – sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo của bạn

If you are looking for a professional agency in the field of booking KOLs, please contact us immediately DPS Media. With a professional team, extensive relationships, and extensive booking experience through many projects, we will definitely bring you the right KOLs with extremely attractive quotations.

Quy trình booking KOLS tại DPS MEDIA

Thu thập thông tin của khách hàng

  • Tìm hiểu khách hàng đang kinh doanh lĩnh vực gì?
  • Trao đổi về mong muốn của khách hàng đối với việc booking KOLS
  • Khách hàng tiềm năng mà sản phẩm dịch vụ của bạn muốn nhắm đến là gì để từ đó DPS có thể tìm kiếm KOLS có tệp fan phù hợp
  • Ngân sách của khách hàng dành cho booking KOLS là bao nhiêu?
  • Số lượng KOLS khách hàng mong muốn, hoặc khách hàng có thể đề xuất KOLS mong muốn cho DPS

Tạo danh sách KOLS cho khách duyệt và gửi bảng báo giá

  • Tạo danh sách đưa KOLS cho khách hàng và đề xuất giá cả để khách hàng duyệt
  • Liên hệ trao đổi lại với KOLS về mong muốn của brand và trao đổi kỹ về timeline ra video

Ký hợp đồng với khách hàng và KOLS

Khách hàng thanh toán ngay khúc này, tùy điều khoản thỏa thuận giữa đôi bên mà sẽ thanh toán 50% – 100% tổng chi phí.

Tiến hành công việc

  • Sau đó, DPS MEDIA sẽ cung cấp địa chỉ nếu brand cần gửi sản phẩm để KOLS test
  • Tiếp theo DPS lên kịch bản video với KOLS và khách hàng, thống nhất ý kiến rồi tiến hành quay dựng video.
  • Gửi khách Demo video cần chỉnh sửa gì không. Nếu không thì tiếp tục để KOLs hoàn thiện video. Rồi đợi đúng thời gian mong muốn là mình publish video đó.
  • Báo cáo về performance của KOLs đó với khách hàng
  • Sau khi publish video có thể kết nối với tiktok shop của Brand và KOLS.
  • Cuối cùng khách hàng thanh toán phần chi phí còn lại (nếu trước đó chưa thanh toán đủ 100%)

Nếu có bất cứ thắc mắc gì, hãy liên hệ ngay qua số 0932 81 33 11 để được tư vấn về bảng giá booking KOLS chi tiết nhé!

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