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Undeniably KOLs have great power in deciding the success or failure of a marketing campaign. Therefore, in recent years, large and small businesses have flocked to find KOLs to promote their products and brands. However, not everyone knows how to book the most effective and cost-optimized KOL for businesses. Together DPS reference price list KOLs and the most detailed KOL booking process, updated in 2023.

What is KOL? 

KOL is a term that is not too unfamiliar to young people today. This is an acronym for the phrase Key Opinion Leader, which can be understood as a key public opinion leader or an influential person. They are people who have expertise in a certain field and have influence on a certain community. 

What are KOLs?
What are KOLs?

For example, in the field of health, medical, KOLs are doctors, nutritionists. Or in the beauty industry, KOLs are beauty bloggers and makeup artists. 

Classification of KOL 

KOL is divided into 3 main groups: Celebrity, Influencer and Mass Seeder. These groups have different effects on different audiences. Therefore, depending on each campaign and target, you should choose the right KOL group to achieve the best results as well as have the most economical booking price.

Choose the right KOL for your campaign and budget
Choose the right KOL for your campaign and budget

Refer to the table below to better understand Celebrity, Influencer and Mass Seeder: 

Celebrity – Being famous and influential stars in the media and community.

– Celeb often works in the fields of art, entertainment, and sports such as actors, singers, MCs, etc.

- Some famous Celebs such as: BTS, Blackpink, David Beckham, Son Tung MTP, Chi Pu...

Influencers – Being an influential person on social networks and coming from many different fields and industries.

Influencer can be a famous singer, actor or any social network user.

Mass Seeder - Being an influencer for small groups of customers.

– They often share content of Celebs / Influencers to advertise the brand to the potential customer group around them.

The process of hiring KOLs on social networking platforms 

Step 1: Determine the budget to hire KOL 

Businesses need to determine a KOL budget based on their goals, campaign size, and financial capabilities. Remember, the more influential the KOL, the higher the price.

Step 2: Determine the goal of booking KOL 

  • What is the target market that the project targets?
  • What is the target of the campaign?

Step 3: Build the brief 

One copy brief The full package should include the following basic contents:

  • Brand identity information
  • Brand and product information
  • Campaign overview: deployment time, requirements for each stage
  • Orientation on ideas, stories, images, content 
  • Customer portrait and target audience
  • Purpose and objectives of the campaign
  • Budget for each item

Step 4: Draw the ideal KOL portrait 

To build the ideal KOL portrait, you should base on the following characteristics:

  • Content niche: Campaigns need entertaining, informative, or review content.
  • Sex
  • Year old
  • Geographical location
  • Effective interaction
  • Number of followers 
Identify the right model of KOLs for the marketing campaign
Identify the right model of KOLs for the marketing campaign

Step 5: Search for KOL 

KOLs can be found on community groups; websites, KOL booking platforms or through agencies.

Step 6: Check the suitability of the KOL and the brand 

To check compatibility, you can base on the following criteria:

  • Number of followers
  • Efficiency
  • Level of interaction
  • Brand Relevance
  • Rental price KOL

Step 7: Contact KOL 

What is the rental price of KOL? 

There is no general price for KOL booking but it will depend on the performance as well as the field and industry in which they operate. Sometimes the KOL booking price will vary slightly from the common ground because of the specific nature of each campaign or because of production costs. Therefore, you need to work clearly to minimize the risk of campaigns.

The price of booking KOLs depends on the performance as well as the field and industry of operation
The price of booking KOLs depends on the performance as well as the field and industry of operation

Free KOL rental price 

Creators who have just started with a small number of followers often receive content creation or participate in challenges of brands for free. This way will help them gain more experience as well as the audience to develop the channel and start an income stream affiliate

KOL rental price from 500,000 - 1,000,000 VND 

KOLs with a following of 40,000 - 50,000 will usually accept this booking price. This group has the ability to write articles, record videos to review products and services; Create entertaining content or take on challenges from brands.

This KOL group usually accepts cash payments mainly. But you can still negotiate to send items of equal value. These people are suitable for products, campaigns of small businesses, retailers or brands that need a spillover effect.

KOL rental price is over 3,000,000 VND 

KOL with over 500,000 followers with stable interaction performance and good content quality will require the above booking price. Because they have great influence and have the ability to visualize the brand's creative ideas to viewers.

Summary of the latest KOL price list 2023 

Name Industry/Field Booking price 
Hong Dang Performer 70,000,000
Do Hoang Duong Singer 15,000,000 
Dong Nhi Singer 85,000,000 
Hari Won Actor, Singer 43,000,000
Isaac Singer 50,000,000
Bui Tien Dung Player 60,000,000
Ngo Kien Huy Singer, MC 40,000,000 
Tran Thanh MC, Actor 80,000,000 
Noo Phuoc Thinh Singer 53,000,000
Quynh Kools Performer60,000,000
The Queen Influencers12,000,000
Hei Mi NhonInfluencer, Hot Mom15,000,000
Page Lou Influencer, Hot Mom18,000,000
Long ChunInfluencers, Tiktokers15,000,000
Tun PhamInfluencers, Tiktokers12,000,000
Purple CottonInfluencers, Tiktokers15,000,000
Linh MiuHot girl9,000,000
Vu Trung NinhReview of places to eat 9,500,000
Shrimp La CaReview of places to eat8,000,000

Above is all information about the KOLs 2023 price list as well as the most detailed and complete KOL booking process that we want to share with you. Hopefully this article will help businesses choose the right KOL for their projects. If you are looking for a cheap, quality KOL booking service, contact us immediately DPS Get free advice and support!

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