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How to Register Online Sales With the Ministry of Industry and Trade Simple

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Registering a sales website with the Ministry of Industry and Trade is one of the mandatory activities when you want to do online business on the website. This helps your business become reputable and legal. It is necessary; However, not all businesses know how to register to sell online. The registration of a sales website needs to take place in a closed process. Besides, knowing the "tricks" in registering an online sales website will help your business not have to wait for months to be approved. So how to register? Let's find out together now!

How to register for online sales with the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Step 1

First, go to www.online.gov.vn; then press the button Register

Step 2

Start registering to open an account

The information that appears is very simple. You need to fill it out completely; Along with that, pay attention to the following cases:

– Registration section Tax code: If you are a business, enter the MST of your business. Your personal tax code will be used. For individuals, you can search for your tax code when accessing the Personal Income Tax Project - General Department of Taxation through the link: tncnonline.com.vn

– You need to fill in your email correctly. The reason is because after completing the Registration form sell online with the Ministry of Industry and Trade; You will receive a confirmation email. After registration is complete, after about 3 days, you will receive feedback on the account registration process from the Ministry of Industry and Trade via the completed e-mail. The email you will receive has the following content:

+ If the account registration information has not been filled in completely and is not valid; Account registration will be denied. Or you will be asked for additional. At that time, traders have to re-register; or proceed additionally as required.

+ If the account registration information is complete and valid; The merchant will receive an account to be able to log in. Then you will move on Step 3.

Step 3

Way register for the next online sale; that's dBusinesses or individuals declare their type of E-Commerce service.

After "Login", businesses or individuals will proceed to declare records. Proceed by selecting one of the following three main items:

– Website announcement: If the website of an enterprise or an individual is a sales website according to Article 27 of Decree No. 52/2013/ND-CP.

– Website registration: If the website of an enterprise or an individual is a website providing e-commerce services as prescribed in Articles 35, 39, 44 of Decree No. 52/2013/ND-CP

– Register a website to provide credit rating services: If businesses, individuals, organizations operate and assess credit in accordance with Article 61 of Decree No. 52/2013/ND-CP.

After completing the process of declaring the type of E-Commerce service; we will pass Step 4.

Step 4

Declare details of records when Register to sell online

In this step, you will select the "Add new registration/notificationo". Then proceed to fill in the information according to the form that appears. Select item "Attached files"; select "Upload files"; then select "Send records"

Step 5

This is the application review step when Register to sell online

Your application will be processed within the specified time limit; As follows:

– About 3 days for notification documents.

– About 7 days for service provider website registration documents.

– About 15 days for credit rating application.

Businesses and individuals will receive feedback from the Ministry of Industry and Trade via their registered e-mail; with the following specifics:

– Confirm that the registration documents/notifications are complete and valid. At that time, your profile has been "electronic browsing". And the merchant will continue to comply with the provisions in Step 6.

– Notice of incomplete or incorrect registration documents/notifications. At that time, merchants must perform the return Step 4 to re-declare; or may proceed with additional information and documents as required.

So what is the process of adding information when registering to sell online?

If you have to add; Please do the following: Proceed to the “Website registration"; then go to "All Website Registration Records". Select "Profile' must be added“. Next, you will select the "Fix"; Please proceed to add information, documents, and upload files as required. Then click on “Send records"

Step 6

Conduct electronic file review

– For website notification records; after receiving “Electronic Browsing”; You will not be required to submit a paper application.

- For registration documents; after being “E-Browsing”; The Ministry of Industry and Trade will ask traders to send a complete set of registration documents (in paper form) to the Department of E-commerce and Information Technology - Ministry of Industry and Trade. The address is 25 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi to confirm my registration process.

Step 7

Confirm your profile Register to sell online

– For website registration procedures: Within 5 working days from the date of receipt of complete paper documents; Businesses and organizations are confirmed to register, along with receiving a code that, when attached to the website, will be displayed with a registration icon.

– For the procedures for registration of credit rating activities with e-commerce websites: Within 7 working days from the date of receipt of complete paper documents; Traders, institutions will be confirmed their registration process.

To do this process, you also have to understand What was reported to the Ministry of Industry and Trade?? It's complicated, isn't it?

Register to sell online
Brief summary of how to register for online sales with the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Because of the complicated and difficult registration process, outsourcing registration services has become hotter than ever. This helps businesses optimize work; along with that increase the efficiency of registration success.

The trend of outsourcing online sales registration services to achieve high efficiency

Today, large business enterprises are invested and developed a lot. Many businesses choose to reduce the marketing position in the office; Instead, choose external marketing services to reduce costs and increase work efficiency. Job Registering a sales website with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in fact still takes a lot of time; and choosing an external registration service is a very popular solution.

Then you will not need to spend time learning and performing "bulky" registration operations. Instead, a department will do the procedures for you in the fastest and most accurate way. However, if you choose non-professional registration services; Your registration will be successful, even rejected. And this will greatly affect the online business process. And to ensure the process registration of an online sales website with the Ministry of Industry and Trade is done quickly; You must choose professional service. With their good tips and experience, they will speed up the successful review process. And let DPS help you in this regard. 

Why? Because we own the most experienced and professional team. All subscription services have a success index of 97/100.

How to register to sell online?

Contact us today if you are having difficulty in Register your sales website!

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