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How to Write a Sales Post That Attracts Dizzying Buyers

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Everyone who decides to sell on the Facebook page; They all invest in developing their Facebook pages for two purposes. That's how to increase engagement; and how to increase the conversion rate from potential customers to customers. This depends a lot on How to write attractive sales articles and useful to the reader. So where is How to write articles that attract customers? How to write content that attracts customers What is the target? How to write attractive posts on facebook What is an online business for beginners? 

How to write sales articles to attract customers quickly

How to write attractive sales articles – Must analyze target customers

First, have to sketch the customer portrait

Facebook is a user-friendly website with the ultimate in ad targeting capabilities. If in case you are using packages advertisement provided by them; you will receive these business privileges. Besides, Facebook users still have a lot of how to write articles that attract customers; These ways are aimed at a certain number of target customers.

Before proceeding to build yourself a strategy to develop your sales content on Facebook; Business people you need to pay attention to the objects client its goal. For example, research on demographics; the customer's preference; what are their behaviors on social networks; … Besides, How to write engaging content articles you must also assess needs; as well as the actual uses of the product or service by the customer.

Some criteria used to evaluate target customers

  • From what age group is the most popular consumer?
  • What is the ratio of male to female customers?
  • Where do most of the customers usually live?
  • What are the customer's preferences?

After identifying your customer goals; Facebook users will begin to adjust How to write attractive sales articles on his Facebook; in order to be able to create the most suitable for the target group of customers that we have identified.

How to write attractive sales articles
Besides, to be able to increase the efficiency in business; You also need to learn the how to write articles that attract readers; up the sales script as well as organizing live streams to promote products and reach customers.

How to write compelling sales articles – Let'sUse featured images

A Facebook sales content post without creativity; It's like a store that doesn't have anything to display outside. Most customers when accessing articles are very interested in articles with beautiful product images and high solution. One of the way write attractive sales articles That's a good picture.

Whether you're using images in GIF, static or video formats; When designing photos to post sales on Facebook pages, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • How to write attractive ads that should sUse appropriately sized images.
  • When inserting text on the image; Please ensure that the content of the text should not exceed 20% the area of the image.
  • How to write attractive job postings that's hPlease limit the use of images available online. If possible, use self-portraits.
  • How to write attractive fanpage posts that's let'sUse high-resolution images contrast high to increase prominence.
  • According to statistics, 88% users decide to access the Facebook platform from a mobile device. So, How to write attractive sales articles That is You should test the images on mobile devices before deciding to post them.
How to write articles that attract customers
Customers only take about 2.6 seconds to go through and decide whether to click on this article or not. Therefore, make sure your post images are eye-catching and noticeable!

The way to create articles that attract customers is that the content of the post must be attractive and short

How to write attractive sales articles that is, focus on expressing so that the content of the article is attractive and concise; must hit the very emotions of the target customer. Besides, your article also needs to ensure the content is not too long. Remember, the text of the article will be hidden and the reader will not have the patience to read the content.) A simple and clear post would be The best way to write attractive articles on fanpage.

How to write engaging content articles
Too many updates on marketing can also make customers feel uncomfortable. OLDWriting attractive sales articles This may also be restricted by Facebook's algorithm from appearing on feeds

The way to write compelling content is to contain a call to action

An extremely important factor in How to write attractive sales articles it is a post that must have a call to action (aka CTA). Ask yourself the question: “What do you really want your potential customers to do when they see your article on their homepage”.

How to write engaging content and effective on Facebook; it's in its call-to-action; you need to use verbs that are "stimulating". Eg: "let's order“, “buy it now“, “let's click the link“, … Besides, you can also create a sense of urgency for your customers. Specifically, urge them to make a purchase as quickly as possible (for example, make a purchase between March 11 and March 15); to be able to buy goods at the best price or to receive gifts, …

The article structure attracts clicks
If you can't grasp it How to write engaging posts on Facebook. Let's Add information about discounts and promotions in your posts to increase conversions

How to write articles that attract readers That is, provide promotions and useful information

The sales post wants to increase the conversion rate; must first provide benefits to people who are likely to re-engage the post itself. For example, the 50% discount program for the first 10 commenters; or 20% discount for the next 10 commenters, … You can also update more on the article about the specific features of your own product or service.

How attractive is the post?
To be a great marketer, you should focus your efforts on what your potential customers want; Then proceed to share content related to products and services

Just know Is writing articles to attract customers enough?

Besides the How to write attractive sales articles on Facebook was popularized above; if you really want your sales posts on Facebook to have a high conversion rate; you really need to plan your article seeding; proceed to share their articles on groups and sales communities related to promotion; help introduce and stimulate interaction from potential customers.

And if you don't have time or can't do this well; let DPS MEDIA help you take on. We are committed to bringing you the best and best marketing service ever. Contact us today for a consultation as soon as possible!

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