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Warning: Things You Must Know About Seo Standard Content Articles

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Articles content What is standard SEO? Sure sure they are one insert indispensable in the overall picture of any Marketing strategy using SEO. So Where is The standards required for a content article SEO standards? Let's together DPS learn super useful tips useful to create the post no the SEO standards It attracts readers even more okay.

What is standard SEO content article? Let's understand exactly what the definition of standard SEO article is before going any further.

What is standard seo content article?

What is a standard SEO content article seems to be a very simple question. However, if we cannot understand the exact or comprehensive requirements of the SEO field, it will be very difficult to succeed.

Good and attractive content articles

The standard SEO content article is a concept of technical expertise in this industry. An SEO-standard content article is an article that is optimized in terms of both content and presentation to satisfy the search needs of users; at the same time implementing SEO techniques. To boost the ranking of the article on search engines.

Instructions on the process of building standard SEO content articles

What are the steps to take to write a standard SEO content article? When doing any job, when you have a standard procedure; automatically that work will become more convenient and save a lot of time for you. According to what DPS researched and concluded, the SEO article writing process includes 5 steps:

Learn about the market and the area that the article will target

The first step is almost mandatory for every marketing project in general and SEO in particular. It is to consider the target audience that your product or service will target in order to satisfy their needs. Learning and analyzing the collected information about the interests and demographics of these potential audience groups will help you map out the right and appropriate SEO strategy. At the same time, you also need to learn about your direct competitors; Because “knowing the enemy, knowing me a hundred battles and a hundred wins”.

Keywords – “Soul” of standard SEO content articles

main keyword

On each website will be attached one and only one keyword when conducting SEO standardization. Keyword – the main keyword is the bridge or shortcut that leads customers to your website.

Therefore, we can compare the keyword as the soul of a standard SEO content article; so they should be researched and selected carefully. The selected keyword must meet the needs of the searcher in the most detailed and accurate way.

Choose an appropriate topic for the article to incorporate the main keyword

Once you've found the right keywords, the next step is to find a specific topic for the content article on a page. Try starting with an idea of what you plan to cover in your one-page article; effective and well worth a try!

Then you should consider whether with such content you can seamlessly insert keywords into the article or not? The next step is to consult information from available sources. It is extremely important to synthesize and restructure the content you find.

Writing content according to SEO standards

What is the standard for evaluating standard SEO articles? Perhaps this is a question that many greenhorn – “newbies” in the SEO industry are interested. There are 3 conditions for an article to be evaluated as an SEO standard, including:

  • Write correctly according to the SEO structure
  • Contains useful and valuable information for the reader.
  • The style must be coherent, clear, easy to read and understand.

Checking and validating articles with tools

Checking and re-evaluating a complete article is an indispensable step to having an SEO-standard content article. To make this step easier, you can check manually with the help of tools to make the checking process comprehensive, avoid errors and faster. So what are the points to review before publishing content articles? Here are suggestions for items you need to check out:

  • Say no to typos.
  • Unedited copied content from other sources. You can use the tool to check for plagiarism – plagiarism.
  • The number of words in the whole article must be at least 700 words and in each Heading no more than 300 words.
  • Images or videos used in the article
  • There are many free tools to help you easily check the quality of SEO content articles including: SEO Quake, Sem Rush and SEO Site Checkup…

What is the role of Heading in standard SEO content articles? How to optimize them?

What role does Heading play in content articles?


The SEO-er needs an overview and understanding of the heading system in an article. It is hierarchical into several main and subheadings; numbered from H1 to H6. However, the main headings (H1, H2 and H3) play an important role and directly affect the standardization of article content; as well as optimizing an entire SEO campaign. Therefore, they are considered extremely important headings in your article.

 What is the standard for headings in engaging content articles?

There are 3 standards for Heading in the article that SEO-er should pay attention to. First, for each article with attractive content and SEO standards, all Headings 1, 2, 3 should contain the main keyword. Note that keywords should appear as close to the beginning of the Heading as possible. Second, each type of heading will be limited in terms of different characters. So don't let the Heading length slip out of this "safe zone". Finally, H1 is always the most important of these 3 heading types.

Why should you pay special attention to heading 1 in SEO standard content articles?

H1 is considered the main title of the article and tells the reader about the content of the article. More importantly, this is also the factor that will appear on the SERPs; It is this that is considered the "bait" of visitors to your website.

At this point, many of you will be wondering what is the best way to write a good and attractive title for an SEO standard article? Curious is the adjective that DPS wants to refer to. Therefore, H1 needs to create curiosity if it wants to attract readers.

Putting the title in the form of a question is one of the best ways to capture the reader's curiosity. For example, “how” and “why” questions are quite effective in solving this problem. Besides, you can put the title in the form of trending, shocking news and benefits which is also a good idea to apply to articles.

Keyword requirements in SEO standard content articles

SEO-standard content articles and keywords

The first note that DPS wants you to note is to use keywords often but do not stuff or abuse them in your article. Please choose the appropriate location to put keywords based on the content and context of the article. Notably, even if your article meets the standard for the number of keywords, the wording lacks naturalness; It is also not considered a standard SEO content article.

More importantly, when your content article has too many keywords, Google's technical system will recognize and think that you are trying to "play tricks" with them; and immediately stop indexing your website. This means that your website may not be able to rank anymore and all your other SEO efforts so far will be in vain.

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