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Content The Best Year-End Discount Promotion

Want to create content for a year-end clothing promotion but have no idea? Then you definitely should not miss the secrets to creating the best discount content, promotions in 2021! Scroll down and find out now!

How to write effective promotions?

Create theme

This is the first thing of a certain program if you want to plan specifically. Especially for promotions, creating a theme that will attract customers at first sight, creating a theme suitable for advertising purposes is important to have a successful promotion. Use that theme throughout with promotion writing, tie it to the theme, use it as inspiration for your promotion planning.

It is the topic creation that is especially useful to you later when there is something new in your business. You completely stick to the topic you create, highlighting its meaning. Whether a promotion is successful or not is sometimes whether you create a trending topic or create a trend for consumers to stimulate demand for products.

Content must be engaging

If you already have a good topic, the next step is how to convey the content of the ad campaign to your customers. How to convey your positive "energy" to the customer through the way you write. Try to think that instead of writing "Autumn is brought to the table with our specialty nuggets", write "Our specialty nuggets bring autumn to your table". Using your impressions and confident words to each individual is the guideline in how to write promotions.

The factor of "catching the trend" well is also the thing to attract customers to participate and know about their promotions, always keep abreast of the current market trends. In a promotion besides positive content, put it in the position of consumers when they see how much % they can receive.

Benefits must be clear

Of course, how to write promotions cannot ignore the benefits for your customers. Customers interested in a promotion, of course, pay attention to the benefits they can achieve, what they want is your promotion to benefit them. Consider how the things you're selling affect their lives and how they want the promotion.


Images are an element that increases the likelihood of your promotion being endorsed. When it comes to the emotions of a photo, always remember: If it's about food or drink, everything is neatly arranged, it's a photo for the menu, not for social networks. It is necessary to include the "human" element in it, the image will be more soulful and have more "social network nature".

The image of a promotion program must really attract customers. Moreover, the image must make the customer always evoke the customer's imagination, feelings and emotions.

How does writing a promotion affect the benefits?

In the trading relationship we see the birth of a number of concepts of Incentives, Dumping and Speculation. These concepts are duplicated a lot in the mass media. Incentives are incentives to purchase. Some places people use "Promotion" wrong because "trade" & "forever" are derived from the Chinese word for "buy" and "sell". Promotion is understood as encouraging sales, of course, there must be a sale, but using promotion is always more reasonable.

Looking from the application of promotions, it can be seen that creating a promotion is very difficult. To know how to write effective promotions is a process, but knowing the nature and meticulousness to create them will bring great success to the business. This can lead to more potential customers, thereby generating profits in the long run for the business.

Advantages and disadvantages of promotions


Quick and easy implementation
Attract a lot of attention from consumers
Track progress and make it easy
Helps increase customer loyalty to the brand
Conversion rate increased


Profit reduction
Conversion rate outside of happy hour will be reduced
Trademarks may have damage
Customers buy only because of promotion
Attract mid-value orders.

Popular types of promotions

Free gifts

This is a fairly common form to help increase added value for consumers. If used with a clear strategy, it helps to clear inventory or can increase the value of regular orders. Some businesses also give away products with a higher value than the purchased item, which helps increase customers' demand for high-priced purchases in the future.

Direct discount

This is a form of direct discount of the item based on a set price, which makes customers feel like they will waste it if they do not buy now.


Freeship or free shipping is also a form of urging customers to buy products. According to some studies, shipping costs are the reason why customers don't buy products anymore. This promotion helps increase the conversion rate for the business.

Discount according to % products

This is also a common form of discount, you will see discounts when shopping from 5, 10, 15, 20, even 50%. This promotion is often used when needing to liquidate inventory.

Golden hour discount

This form is applied a lot to attract new customers as well as customers who will buy products again at stores and supermarkets. Retailers offer golden hour programs, which only offer discounts on certain products at a certain hour of the day to attract consumers.


Today, many businesses apply promotions for their businesses to increase sales and bring products closer to consumers. How to write promotions, though difficult, how to attract the maximum number of customers interested in your business event. From there, it is possible to create a certain coverage for the business, attracting customers in the business is a way to create potential customers in the future.

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