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The same Team “gypsy” DPS Du Hí Malaysia

Formation du hí Malaysia

Have you ever seen a company where the boss kept opening up and invited him over to his house to play?
But their boss in Vietnam is okay. And my boss is… in Malaysia. Isn't it surprising, ma'am ^^

And then, the whole team of "Gypsy" plotted and pulled each other over to the boss's house to play. More surprising is the length of this trip, which is 21 days. You didn't read it wrong, twenty-one days hihi

DPS There is a team called Team Giang Ho that works in the 5 o'clock hour frame every day, meditating together under the guidance of the beautiful boss Kha Van.

Come with us to see the process of discovering the beautiful and peaceful Malaysia!

Morning checkin is full of storms but also very lucky

"Committed" to gain experience for the team, Hang Le and Thuy Nguyen departed first. Because she was worried about the procedure, Ms. Van gave instructions quite carefully. But due to their subjectivity, Hang Le and Thuy Nguyen had to rush to test for covid before the plane took off 1h15. And then all worries about getting covid were left behind the plane door to fly straight to the beautiful country of Malaysia.

The happy faces of the two sisters when they arrived safely in Malaysia.
The happy faces of the two sisters when they arrived safely in Malaysia.

The first impression when arriving at Malaysia airport is that the airport is very large, probably 5-6 times larger than Tan Son Nhat airport. We had to walk a long way, almost 15 minutes to get our luggage.

It must be said that the team is really lucky to work at Communication DPS and have the opportunity to go to the boss's house to play. After nearly a year of waiting because of the epidemic, with hard work and eagerness for the trip, our team has arrived in Malaysia. A lot of friends shared that this was my first time going abroad, so I was very nervous. However, with the enthusiastic support of Ms. Van, our gangster team was safely present in Malaysia.

After that, I was picked up by Ms. Van (CEO of DPS Media) and 2 little friends A Hao and A Ti. And then how was this trip, check out the series of photos and videos below!

Traveling to Malaysia, a 21-day journey of eating, working and playing ^^

In the afternoon, the nieces and nephews invited each other to play bridge and cycle around the campus. Then let's experience golf together and tell people.

The boss hit very well, the ball flew 100 meters. And the team didn't hit the golf ball haha. Luckily, I also hit it after that, but I managed to fly 1…. meter only. Watch the video to see the difference haha

Having fun, now let's go eat. See what Malaysia has to offer!

In Malaysia people usually go to the Food Court to eat. There are many dishes of many countries such as India, Malaysia, China, Korea, Australia, Japan, etc. You are free to order and the shop will bring the food to your table. And then you just need to pay and enjoy

2 huge bowls of udon noodles worth 100 ringgit (equivalent to 530k) for the whole team of 10 to eat.

This is Laksa - a memorable dish of the team. It has a sour and sour taste, similar to Vietnamese banh chung and eaten with fish cakes.

The fried chicken rice is delicious and filling ^^

And here is a team of Gypsy team eating and enjoying Pan Mee and Teh water (like Vietnamese milk tea and very delicious). What's the name of the golden yellow noodle dish, I forgot the pepper, anyone who knows please comment more to help me.

The roads in Perak are very wide, there are lots of trees and the air is very fresh. Especially at 7 am here you will feel like 5 am in Vietnam. And 19h is like 5pm. This is an interesting difference between Malaysia and Vietnam.

The colorful road is made up of old houses painted in different colors. It's interesting, isn't it?

This is my daily working "million dollar" view, very chill. If you look directly at it, you can see people playing golf.
This is my daily working "million dollar" view, very chill. If you look directly at it, you can see people playing golf.

Special dishes, rustic and day trips to take advantage of the day after stressful working hours such as going to the beach, Penang, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Perak Cave Temple, etc. I'll save it for later, but there are too many pictures and videos, I can't show it all

If you are curious how much fun DPS is, how enthusiastic you are, apply immediately, DPS we are waiting for talented people. And especially, the boss promised to let him play once a year hihi

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