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DPS . Professional Article Writing Service

DPS . Professional Article Writing Service

The role of articles on electronic information websites in the 4.0 era is becoming more and more important. Along with that is the development of various types of writing services for hire with categories such as advertising articles, newspaper articles or Facebook posts, etc. In this article, let's join together. DPS Media Find out what professional writing services are like? And is the cheap article writing service reliable? Come on, let's go!

1. What benefits does the writing service bring to businesses?

Don't just provide content just like a normal article. DPS's standard seo article writing service also gives your business the following benefits:

1.1. Writing service for hire with a variety of genres – SEO standard

Provide articles according to the standard content required by customers. For example, standard seo articles for posting moneysite, pbn, blog articles, service PR, publishing, etc. From advanced academic articles to short content samples to link. 

With a unique level of 95% and above, professional SEO standard writing service ensures new articles. Besides that is extremely low duplication and even 100% is not duplicate. If requested by the customer, we will conduct an inspection and report. Or customers themselves can check for duplication with any tool. 

The article always meets the basic SEO standards with the requirements of customers. 

The article always meets the basic SEO standards with the requirements of customers. 
The article always meets the basic SEO standards with the requirements of customers.

1.2. Well-written article with attractive content

Article content is moderated at least twice before sending to customers. And be edited according to customer requirements if the article does not satisfy you. DPS's writing service always puts quality and customer satisfaction first.

The article always ensures the naturalness and readability, the keyword density is distributed reasonably. Our criteria is not spamming, stuffing keyword phrases for seo standard at all costs. Instead, the writing service for hire ensures good article content, SEO standards, and readability. The content and purpose of the passage are presented clearly, without rambling. Always focus on the topic and the customer's requirements above all else. The title is creatively interesting and easy to stimulate the curiosity of customers.

We know how to create interesting article titles and create curiosity to attract readers. 
We know how to create interesting article titles and create curiosity to attract readers.

The article will provide images if the customer requires it, especially with academic lessons. Or instructional articles such as Yoga, Cardio, information technology skills, etc.

The article content of the word distillation and complete, reliable information.

Covers a wide range of fields and topics from restaurant website design to retail training. Or beauty – cosmetology, fashion, pharmaceutical chemistry, health care, …

1.3. Writing service for hire with credibility and always stick to the contract

Always make sure to submit your work by the deadline as on the original contract and agreement. Ensure peace of mind about your project's progress when you hand it over to a DPS writing service.

If the customer is not fluent in writing articles and arranging the frame of the article. We will help you in suggesting the best options for your project.

DPS can issue a VAT invoice if the customer makes a request, the delivery fee is 10%.

2. What services does the writing service include?

Writing articles for hire - a great service to support effective online marketing.
Writing articles for hire – a great service to support effective online marketing.

2.1. Article writing service with advertising content

Writing services to advertise products and services first need to introduce those products and services. Then give the most outstanding information that makes a good impression on the reader. So that they can make the decision to continue the investigation or not.

The introductory information that must be included in an article advertising a product or service is:

  • Introduce the business or company with the most prominent mission and strengths. 
  • In the case of copywriting services, PR is required for the business. It is necessary to introduce the outstanding advantages in the way the business operates. Examples include systems, working arrangements, projects, and products.
  • Introduce products from the most advanced features to the foundation features. The way of presentation must make the listener feel that the product or service is completely reasonable. It is necessary to say the effect of the product, or the benefits obtained from the company's services.

2.2 Article writing service for newspaper publishing – SEO article writing

2.2.1 What is the article writing service?

Newspaper writing service is a type of service that provides articles in journalistic style. The article needs to ensure the correct use of journalistic language as well as its nature. But besides that, still have to ensure efficiency marketing nice PR for products and services.

Article writing service needs to meet strong, serious, and well-argued sentences. Information conveyed must be honest and objective, not overly flattering.

Some newspapers are trusted by Content Writers to deliver articles from customers.
Some newspapers are trusted by Content Writers to deliver articles from customers.

Writing news articles sounds easy, but it's not. Because journalistic language style is completely different from artistic language style. Accordingly, writing a newspaper is not the same as writing an essay. An article is not allowed to go around but to get straight to the point with easy to understand language. Therefore, a newspaper article needs to choose the most reputable writing service to perform.

2.2.2 Characteristics of journalistic language style in writing articles:

  • No misspellings;
  • Accurate and specific content;
  • Detailed information;
  • Short and concise sentences;
  • High expressiveness;
  • Clear orientation layout;
  • Do not write indiscriminately according to feelings;

2.3 Facebook article writing service

Facebook article writing service is no longer strange to business people in the 4.0 era. With a huge number of users, Facebook easily becomes a lucrative business land. The mistake of some business people when they first approach Facebook is to write PR based on emotions. Post directly on personal pages or groups with unrelated topics. If only that is the case, they can ensure the effectiveness of interaction or going alone as they think. Then there will be no need for the appearance of a professional Facebook article writing service to do anything. 

To take advantage of this crowded social networking environment for marketing. It takes the ability to leverage content with the right strategy from time to time. 

2.3.1 Benefits from high quality Facebook marketing writing service

  • Make a good impression;
  • Increase engagement;
  • Increase revenue for businesses;

However, content is always the most important factor for any article. Bring the decisive factor to the existence and operation of the business in the right direction. If the post plan is not set up clearly and correctly. The article will not be attractive, bringing poor marketing effectiveness. That's why we need the support of a Facebook article writing service like DPS's service.

A standard Facebook product, service or business marketing article brings a lot of benefits.
A standard Facebook product, service or business marketing article brings a lot of benefits.

A standard Facebook product, service or business marketing article brings a lot of benefits.

2.3.2 What does DPS's Facebook article writing service provide?

  • Article 100% new content;
  • Present all information requested by the customer;
  • Fully meet the basic requirements of a Facebook post;
  • The content is diverse and easy to remember;
  • Good price;
  • Attribute optimization;
  • Eye-catching images and videos;

2.4 Other services

In addition to the popular article types mentioned above, DPS we also provide many other types of standard SEO articles:

  • Articles for website: moneysite, PBN, blog share;
  • Articles PR services;
  • Business introduction;
  • Specialized articles;
  • Academic writing;
  • Sample content to link;
  • Articles with on-demand content – articles by frame are provided;

3. Why should you choose DPS?

As the founder of DPS, we are pleased to present you our marketing service. From 2016 to now, the DPS team has completed tens of thousands of SEO standard articles. With many genres and content in many different fields. The following facts will help you make an informed choice.

  • DPS's professional SEO writing service has completed more than 500,000 articles. With a minimum length of 700 to 5000 words from 2016 to present.
  • The team of collaborators of the SEO writing service hires up to 200 people. With a fully optimized moderation process.
  • Extremely flexible adaptability to updates from search engines.
  • Satisfaction rate reached 95%
  • The rate of customers returning to DPS because of SEO writing services for hire is 84%
  • The rate of customers who introduced themselves to their acquaintances about the DPS writing service is 64%
DPS service communication is a place that is really worth your trust
DPS service communication is a place that is really worth your trust

4. Some Frequently Asked Questions

4.1 Is the cheap article writing service from only 5 million VND really reputable?

Compared to the cost of running ads like Facebook ads. Then the content Marketing articles are more affordable. A good quality article will be able to hold the rankings after a very long time. From there, no matter how many years later, your website still retains high rankings when someone searches for the keyword you set for the article. This is a feature of content marketing post types. But only really good songs have the ability to climb to the top and stick around for so long. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for businesses to find a reputable copywriting service to hire at a reasonable price.

Cheap article writing service is actually not a scam as it is often rumored. But everything has its price and so does an article, the writer should be paid the amount corresponding to the effort they put in. So you can still trust and choose a cheap professional SEO article writing service, but if you find it too cheap, it's better to be careful.

4.2 Professional article writing service

Article writing service is called professional when the writer can meet the following requirements:

  • Reach the right audience;
  • Convey the correct message;
  • Use standard language – be flexible;
  • Ensure the form of presentation;
  • Quick writing time;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • High aesthetics;
  • Creative element;
  • Deep specialized knowledge.

In addition, it is also necessary to fulfill all requirements that the customer sets forth in the contract.

5. Conclusion

Above is all the information related to marketing content articles as well as writing services to give readers a comprehensive view of this form of advertising. If you need marketing services for products, brands, services or any other type, please contact DPS Media as soon as possible for dedicated advice!

DPS are the people behind – the solid rear supporting the success of the business. DPS Media is proud to always understand and accompany businesses to conquer all customers even the most difficult. With a professional and flexible team always updating the latest marketing trends. Criteria to put the word TAM as the foundation for our activities, what makes us most heartwarming is when we are evaluated as "The most dedicated and hearty marketing communication company". In order to bring absolute satisfaction to customers coming to DPS.

If you want to learn more about Marketing Services, you can refer to the article “Marketing Services” Please! Have a good day! It would be nice if we could meet as partners soon.


Address: 276/28 Tan Hoa Dong, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District, City. Ho Chi Minh.

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