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GOOGLE adverts

Google is currently the largest search engine in the world with statistics over 80% global users and 90% users in Vietnam using Google as an official search engine. Therefore, Google Ads (Google Ads‎) is the sought-after demand and top priority of units and businesses when they want to develop their business.

On average in Vietnam, a person will access Google or use Google services at least 10 times a day. One thing is for sure, all online shoppers use Google to look up product information before making a buying decision.

Therefore, the information that appears on the first page when Google returns the main results about the information customers need and the opportunity for customers to choose to buy the products that appear on that first page accounts for 90%.

What is Google Ads‎?

Google Ads‎ is an advertising mining service that Google performs on the search engine and the systems of websites linked to it.
According to a report of Google Corporation, Google Ads‎ is the main source of revenue for the group, accounting for more than 90% of Google Inc's profit.

Google Ads‎ is a sponsored advertising solution provided by Google to customers through the Pay per Click method (pay per click) and has 3 main forms:

On search engines (keyword ads)
- On websites (keyword advertising)
– Banner ads on websites

Display position for search engine advertising the client's advertising messages will be shown to Google for display to the right or sometimes above the search results.

With the advertising method on the Publishers website, the customer's message or banner ad will be displayed in many different locations on the websites associated with Google.


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Are Google Ads ads‎ available?What do u point?

Wide target audience:

As mentioned above, in Vietnam alone, the number of users using Google accounts for more than 90% internet users, if not, this is the first page Vietnamese customers think of when they want to search for anything. information in this universe.

Precise zoning of the target group of customers

– Google always optimizes customers' ads by zoning exactly the intended customer target, without the situation of rampant, costing customers money and not being effective.


– Advertising on Google helps to save maximum advertising costs

- Easily measure the effectiveness of advertising.

– Transparency reports from Google any time you request to export.

How to set up a Google Adwords ad campaign

  • Before embarking on setting up a Google Ads advertising campaign‎, the first requirement is that you must thoroughly understand the properties, characteristics, as well as the constituent elements of an advertising campaign.
  • Only when building a detailed advertising plan with a suitable budget will the campaign Google Ads ‎ Yours is really effective.
  • You need to clearly plan a plan based on your business goals from time to time, specifically whether you have an advertising goal to gain brand recognition or increase revenue. Who is the target audience in the campaign? What is the budget for the campaign?
  • One of the factors that determine the success and effectiveness of a Google Ads campaign is clearly defining the objective of the advertising campaign. From the identified goal, it is possible to establish an optimal budget with the most suitable keyword list.

For simplicity, we can divide it into two main goals:

Small budget- goal to increase revenue : aim directly at the keywords that convert… when searchers will find the right product that you want to advertise. Do not use generic keywords, both waste money and do not bring the right goals.

Multiple budgets – brand identity goals: When you can choose keywords that are general, popular and have a high query rate, this time the number of clicks is high, helping to increase brand recognition for you.

google ads

Cost of Google Ads Advertising service

  • Based on the needs and desires of customers as well as reference and research on business purposes, the number of online customers that you want to reach on the website that DPS Media will bring you the cost of Google Ads advertising services optimally and best suited to your financial ability.


  • We always have different packages of Google Ads advertising services to be flexible and suitable for all types of customers.
  • If the business is large, the need to reach customers is high, and the budget is relatively large, you can choose the Google advertising package that we integrate a lot of modern features, with many outstanding advantages of the ecosystem. state Google.


  • However, all Google Ads advertising packages at DPS Media are the ones that we optimize in the most scientific way. Therefore, you are completely assured when coming to our Google Ads service, sure that all your requirements will have the optimal cost for all needs, even the most difficult ones..


  • At DPS Media there are packages Google Ads advertising service suitable for all different needs of customers. Please contact us to receive Detailed quotation of Google advertising services.

Google Ads
Google Ads Advertising Process

Advertising consulting:

With professional knowledge as well as many years of experience in Online Marketing, Digital Marketing...the consulting team of DPS Media Will give you dedicated advice for you to have strategies Google ads overall to maximize the role of the website in business.

Set up ads:

This is the most important stage, deciding the success or failure of the campaign. DPS Media proud to have had a lot of experience and expertise that has been learned and practiced for many customers in many business fields in different countries, so the understanding Google Ads service We will definitely bring to customers the right strategies for the products/services of your business.

Advertising monitoring:

Regularly check the progress and effectiveness of ads as well as check the quality of keywords to always ensure absolute benefits for customers.

Report results transparently

Whenever the customer requests, we are ready to send detailed reports, in addition to sending you periodically (weekly/monthly/quarterly).

The report results will help customers capture information from general to detailed such as number of ad impressions, number of clicks, customer actions during website visit (convergence tracking), habits of customers. customers, customer characteristics such as country, city, what keywords they come from, what time of day they visit, what content on the web is most popular with customers, etc.

DPS Media – all for the maximum benefit of the customer.


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