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Digital Marketing Agency Vs In-House Team: Which Choice Is Better?

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Is Digital Marketing Agency always the best solution for every business? Or will setting up an in-house team help save costs for businesses than hiring a Digital Marketing Agency? So what should your business be aiming for?

Don't worry too much! In this article, DPS will analyze the pros and cons of these two types. From there, DPS believes that your business will find the best direction for you.

What is Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency are companies specializing in the field of interactive communication on the Internet. In particular, Digital Agency will provide the following digital marketing services:

Not only that, they have expanded their services to meet the new needs of businesses; That is to do marketing on social networks, online advertising...

What is the concept of Digital Marketing Agency?

So what is the mission of Digital Marketing Agency? In essence, Digital Agencies have the task of optimizing the potential of the business's brand. In addition, they also help your products or services reach potential customers better. From there, support businesses in the sales process.

You can also easily see that an individual cannot be good at all areas of Marketing. However, a Digital Marketing Agency can. Why does DPS say that? Because this will be a collection of Marketing experts with different strengths such as: Email Marketing, SEO And design SEO standard website…. Therefore, digital agencies can meet all the different needs of businesses.

What is an in-house team and how is it different from a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Agency vs In-house team

When compared to Digital Marketing Agency, the In-house team will not be much different. The only difference is the personnel of the In-house team. They are employees of the company, not hired from a third party. Some SMEs would like to set up a Marketing team right in the business to facilitate the operation and management of the work.

Similar to Digital Marketing Agency, In-house marketers will perform similar tasks such as: setting up marketing strategies, researching potential customers and analyzing income information data for the purpose of making the most of it. potential and resources of the enterprise.

In fact, in-house marketers will have a lot of tasks to perform and quite stressful. Although there are many jobs, the human resources in the company may not be enough to meet the above workload.

What are the differences between Digital Marketing Agency and In-house team?

Although Digital Marketing Agency and In-house team both perform similar tasks; But there are many differences between these two types. In the next part, DPS will compare 4 main factors including: Skills, Creativity, Flexibility and Cost.


Basically, businesses will have to spend money for marketers to build and develop brands. However, if businesses use the form of In-house team will face a challenge. That is, they can't seem to find a marketer who is good at all areas.

As for Digital Marketing Agency, you will not have to worry about the skills of a team of experts with strengths in different Marketing fields.

So what is the best solution for the business? In-house team or Digital Marketing Agency?

The answer at this point will depend entirely on your business. More specifically, in case your business can afford to hire many Marketing specialists at once; At the same time, the company ensures that there is always work for them, then the In-house team will be the optimal choice.

And if your business only needs to carry out an overall marketing campaign that combines many different areas such as: SEO and Fanpage management… in a certain period of time, then Digital Marketing Agency is probably the perfect choice for your business. your career.


creative ability of 2 forms

In terms of creativity, the In-house team will have an outstanding advantage; That is, they have the ability to understand the color of the business. Based on that, they will give ideas and creativity suitable for your company's project. However, the biggest drawback for In-house teams is that they often only focus on implementing a certain project; and in-house marketers can hardly come up with continuous initiatives and creativity.

With Digital Marketing Agency, things will be different, they have more experience. Because they have the opportunity to interact a lot and carry out various types of marketing projects with many different customers; Therefore, that Digital Agency can continuously bring unique ideas, new ideas. However, one point to note is that if many companies are in the same field and hire the same agency, the color for each business may not be guaranteed. To minimize this, you should do your research and hire a competent and experienced agency.

Therefore, depending on the characteristics of the project or campaign, you should make the appropriate choice.


One of the strengths of an In-house team when compared to an agency is that it is easy for businesses to manage them and get products quickly; because in-house marketers work right in your company. But also because of thinking, businesses often assign too much work in a day. This makes marketers feel overwhelmed when dealing with excessive workloads. It is at this point that they need to rely on the timeline and have to learn how to organize their own work. Which tasks should be prioritized will be done first, which tasks should be done later.

While hiring a 3rd party, you may encounter the problem that the product often takes longer to deliver. Because Digital Agencies will have many customers with many different projects. That's why you might have to wait. However, that is the general situation when businesses decide to hire a Digital Marketing Agency. But don't worry too much because of that, because for experienced and professional agencies; They will usually know how to arrange projects to meet deadlines and ensure quality for each project they work on.


Cost when using 2 types of forms

Cost is probably something that almost every business is concerned about; even, there are many companies that rely solely on it to make decisions. There is a fact that businesses cannot deny; that setting up and maintaining a Marketing team right in the company will cost quite a bit!

Why did DPS say that? There are 2 explanations for this. Firstly, the salary of a marketer will range from 30-60 million per month. Not to mention that your company needs a team with many experts. Businesses can save money when hiring marketing specialists. However, it will take time and other costs for the company to train them. Second, businesses also need to ensure adequate facilities as well as equipment for marketing staff to work. These can be mentioned as: workspace, computer, necessary software when working.

For agencies, the cost per service that the business needs will be clear and transparent. With all that DPS has just presented, you can also understand why there is such a big difference in costs between the In-house team and the Digital Agency.

Through this article, your business will have more consideration when choosing to suit the needs of your current business. Whether it is a Digital Marketing Agency or an In-house team, DPS hopes you will be satisfied with your choice.

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