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Father's Day 2023: Special Father's Day Marketing Program

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Father's Day Marketing Program

Have you ever felt from an early age that your father was a stricter, more difficult and difficult person to get along with than your mother? Do you always want to open up and show your love to your father but are afraid to speak up? That's why Father's Day was born to honor fathers and bring father and son closer together. As for businesses, this will be an opportunity to launch creative marketing campaigns about the image of a father that captures viewers' emotions. Let's DPS Check out the marketing programs with gift ideas and meaningful wishes for Father's Day 2023!

Father's Day - A holiday honoring great dads 

What is Father's Day?

Father's Day, also known as Father's Day, is a day for people to honor the great merits and noble sacrifices of a father for his children and family. This is an opportunity for children to show their gratitude and filial piety to their dear father.

Father's Day - A holiday honoring great dads 
Thank you dad for always being there for me

In recent years, Father's Day has gradually become more popular and familiar to Vietnamese people. On this day, the children will send meaningful gifts or good wishes to their father. 

What is Father's Day 2023?

Like Mother's Day, Father's Day is not fixed, but is conventionally chosen on the third Sunday of June every year. As such, Father's Day 2023 will take place on Sunday, June 18, 2023.

Father's Day 2023 is a golden opportunity for businesses to implement campaigns to boost sales and increase awareness. trademark. So let's plan the shows social media marketing Father's Day is thoughtful before the holiday begins.

A touching marketing program on Father's Day 

Father's Day marketing program “Express the tough love” – Health OK

In the family, the father is often associated with a busy and strict image, leading to the fact that father and son have little opportunity to talk and express their feelings to each other. Especially as children grow up, the generation gap makes this relationship even more distant. However, there is an indisputable fact, no matter how old the children, the love that parents have for their children will never change.

Understanding that, Health OK has released the movie "Express the tough love". The film is a different perspective on the father; who gets angry every time I make a mistake, never says love to me. It's not because the father doesn't love his son, it's just that he doesn't know how to show his feelings. This leads to misunderstandings between father and son.

The message that Health Care wants to convey in this video is: “Don't hesitate to express your gratitude and love to your father. Pick up the phone, call your dad and say, "I love you" right away!

Samsung's "Father and Daughter" Campaign 

On the occasion of Father's Day 2019, Samsung implemented an impressive marketing communication program called "Father and Daughter". This promotional video cleverly depicts the image of a father watching football with his child from when he was a kid to when he became a real player.

During that journey, there were times when father and son did not understand each other and had disagreements. However, the father is always watching over his son, silently observing and supporting him.

The video has successfully touched viewers' hearts when depicting the image of father and son celebrating from beginning to end. Through that, Samsung wants to send the message: "Dad is not only an "adult" who teaches children good and right things in life, but also a companion in the journey to conquer children's dreams. .”

Marketing program “Go Ask Dad” on Gillette's Father's Day

For a long time, it was considered natural for a father to teach his son how to shave and tie a tie. This is a unique way to effectively connect father and son. However, in recent years, young people often seek guidance on the Internet instead of asking their father directly. 

In the video "Go Ask Dad", the son character will be given a series of different challenges. They will then have to complete the challenge under the guidance of the Internet. However, this is not as easy as they thought. Finally, the fathers entered an empty room, guiding the son to complete the challenge.

Through this campaign, Gillette successfully reminded the boys that whenever things are difficult, go to their father. He is always ready to give you advice and help you overcome obstacles in life.

“What drives you” – Marketing program honoring Father's Day

In the What drives you advertising campaign honoring Father's Day 2017, BMW told the story of a father who was a former professional driver athlete. However, later on, he unfortunately became disabled and could not walk and was forced to give up his passion. 

The son, after getting his driver's license, decided to give his father a gift. It was to put him in the passenger seat and take the wheel himself to get him back on the track. 

With the message of letting your children write your dreams, BMW's Father's Day 2017 marketing program has become one of the most heartwarming, powerful and original advertisements of all time.

Suggestions for gift ideas are wishes on Father's Day 2023

Some gift ideas for Father's Day 

Father's Day is an opportunity for children to express their love and gratitude to their father. If you don't know what to give, check out these unique and meaningful Father's Day gift ideas:

Suggestions for gift ideas are wishes on Father's Day 2023
Suggest a meaningful and impressive gift on Father's Day
  • Watch
  • Footwear
  • Functional foods
  • Tie
  • Clothes
  • Functional foods

Give meaningful wishes on Father's Day 

Suggest some meaningful wishes on Father's Day:

  • Father's day has come, I wish you good health, happiness and always be with our parents. Thank you for always being our strongest support.
  • Happy Father's Day 2023, send the most special and handsome man in your life thousands of best wishes. Dad will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you dad very much.
  • Today, is a special day for dad, I'm not good at expressing emotions, so I can only send you my sincere congratulations and thanks. I am very happy and proud to be your son.


Hopefully these marketing programs can inspire you to create successful Father's Day 2023 media campaigns.

If you don't know how to build marketing program Where does Father's Day come from, contact us now DPS. We specialize in providing top-notch communication solutions for businesses. DPS confidently brings the most explosive marketing campaigns for your business.

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