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KOL Rent – 4 Important Deciding Factors

Rent Price KOL

KOL is one of the popular communication solutions in recent years; Used by many brands and businesses to market their brands, in order to reach their targets more effectively and increase their coverage. In today's article, DPS will update you with the Vietnam KOL Price List 2021. If you are interested in the latest KOL rental price and cost, don't miss the following article!

The latest updated price list and rental cost of KOL Vietnam 2021
The latest updated price list and rental cost of KOL Vietnam 2021 

What is KOL?

Before finding out the latest KOL Vietnam 2021 rental price list, let's take a look at the concept of KOL. If you are not in the field of Marketing communications, the term KOL will probably be quite new to you. 

KOL Vietnam are known as influential figures for young people and the Vietnamese online community; possesses a "not-so-average" popularity with wide coverage in all media channels, newspapers, television, etc. 

Therefore, businesses and brands accept to spend the cost of hiring KOLs in events and media campaigns to create spread and attract fans and interested people. KOLs can appear in many forms such as livestreams, promotional clips, articles on social networks or attending events directly organized by that brand, etc.

Determinants of cost, rental price KOL

Popularity with the public

This is a prerequisite and extremely important factor to determine how much KOL rent is. The higher the level of recognition and popularity, the higher the number of potential customers of the business is also significantly increased. 

The level of awareness affects the cost of renting KOL
The level of awareness affects the cost of renting KOL

Engagement rate

Just as important is the popularity factor; It can be said that the engagement rate is almost directly proportional to the popularity of that KOL. And usually the main engagement rate measurement tool is based on KOL's social media posts. Evaluation based on comments, likes and shares of articles helps to reach potential customers.

Products and brands of the business

In fact, the products of big brands and high value, the rental price of KOL will be more. This means that businesses and brands must accept high KOL rental costs. Because if customers sign a successful contract, the revenue will be much larger than that of small brands.

A simple example is that the cost of hiring a KOL to advertise a functional food will certainly be lower than the cost of hiring that KOL to appear in a product launch is a line of high-end phones and cars. 

Depending on the product and brand, businesses have to spend different costs
Depending on the product and brand, businesses have to spend different costs

Specific work

The cost of hiring KOLs also depends on the amount of work they need to do. Depending on the job such as posting, recording clips, livestreaming, appearing in press conferences, etc., there will be different costs. 

The latest KOL Vietnam 2021 rental price list

As mentioned above, depending on many factors, KOL rental rates are different. Below is a table of rental prices for KOL Vietnam 2021 that you can refer to.

The hottest KOLs with rental rates from 50-100 million VND

1Miss Ky DuyenMiss100,000,000
2Cong PhuongPlayer90,000,000
3Quang HaiPlayer80,000,000
4Runner-up Tu Anhrunner-up80,000,000
5Tran ThanhActor, MC80,000,000
6Runner-up Huyen Myrunner-up70,000,000
7Hong DangPerformer70,000,000
8Thanh TrungActor, MC70,000,000
9Xuan TruongPlayer70,000,000
10Phuong OanhPerformer60,000,000
12Quynh KoolsPerformer60,000,000
13Quoc TruongPerformer60,000,000
14Danh TungActor, MC60,000,000
15Que Ngoc HaiPlayer60,000,000
16Bui Tien DungPlayer60,000,000
17Duy ManhPlayer60,000,000
18Special PhoInfluencers, vloggers53,000,000
19People's Artist Trong TrinhPeople's Artists, Actors50,000,000
20Thu QuynhPerformer50,000,000
21Noo Phuoc ThinhSinger50,000,000

KOLs with rental rates below 50 million VND

22Meritorious Artist Xuan BacMeritorious Artist, Actor45,000,000
23Thanh HuongPerformer40,000,000
24Manh TruongPerformer40,000,000
25Phuong LySinger40,000,000
26Ngo Kien HuySinger40,000,000
27Suni Ha LinhSinger35,000,000
28Duong Hoang YenSinger35,000,000
29Meritorious Artist Chi TrungMeritorious Artist, Actor30,000,000
30People's Artist of JusticePeople's Artists, Actors30,000,000
31Thuy TienSinger30,000,000
33Giang OiInfluencers, vloggers30,000,000
35Lynk LeeSinger18,000,000
36Do Hoang DuongSinger15,000,000
37Black VowRapper20,000,000
39Page LouInfluencer , Hot Mom18,000,000
40DinoInfluencers , vlogger18,000,000
41Phan Y YenInfluencers16,000,000
42Hei Mi NhonInfluencer , Hot Mom15,000,000
43Huy CungInfluencers, vloggers15,000,000
44Long ChunInfluencer , tiktoker15,000,000
45Purple CottonInfluencer , tiktoker15,000,000
46Thao VanHot girl15,000,000
47HahaInfluencer , tiktoker14,000,000
48Nam ThuongInfluencer , Hot Mom13,000,000
49Thu HuongHot girl12,000,000
50Tun PhamInfluencer , tiktoker12,000,000
51The QueenInfluencers12,000,000
52Tu QuyenHot girl12,000,000
53Quach AnhReview of cosmetics12,000,000
54Kieu TrinhHot girl10,000,000
55Chang makeupReview of cosmetics10.000,000
56Vu Trung NinhReview of places to eat9,500,000
57Hoang Mai AnhHot girl9,000,000
58Linh MiuHot girl9,000,000
59Shrimp La CaReview of places to eat8,000,000
60Trang ThienHot girl8,000,000

Summary of the rental price KOL

Above is the price list, the cost of renting KOL suggested for you if you are in need of book KOL. In addition, to increase brand awareness for your business, you also need to build yourself a reputable website and social networking site. If you do not know where to start, immediately contact DPS Communications – The place that provides solutions and overall marketing plan leading, elevate your business.

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