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Instructions Open Booth On Lazada Quick, Easy

open booth on lazada

If you are planning an online business and want to sell on the digital platform, then Lazada is a great choice. This is one of the platforms ecommerce has the largest in Vietnam. To start the business on Lazada, you need to open a booth on the platform. However, this process can be difficult if you don't know how the operation of Lazada. In this article DPS will guide you through the account registration, terms and cost of open booths on Lazada easily and quickly. Let's find out!

Conditions open booth on the right is what?

Each floor ecommerce has separate provisions for the individuals and organizations involved in business. And Amazon is no exception. Here are a number of conditions, the user should comply with when you want to sale at Lazada:

For the seller's business

  • License business registration with the tax code of company
  • Information bank account of the business (the account you used to make the necessary transactions of business)
  • Permits the operation of your company 

For sale is personal 

  • Identification of citizens of the seller
  • Information, bank account used to conduct the transaction
Conditions open booth on Lazada
Conditions open booth on Lazada

Instructions on how open the booth on Lazada 

Step 1: sign up create account sales on Lazada 

First, you need access to the address book sales Lazada. Then, complete the information at the request of Lazada: type of business, country, phone number, email, password...

Please ensure complete information accurately to ensure safety and reliability for the transaction between you and the client and Lazada. Finally, click the Confirm button is done.

Sign up create account sales on Lazada
Sign up create account sales on Lazada

The note when registering to create an account on Lazada:

  • Business type: form With personal business, you need to provide a scan of your id. Also with your business, you need to provide business license. However, you need to choose the type of business suitable for shop of his own. Because if business as an individual, you will not be using the service Fulfillment fly Lazada (FBI) and provides not registered booth genuine.
  • Booth name: name booth short, easy to remember, the description is to be featured product, brand of business.
  • Phone number and email: Sets the number of phone and email the owner for the convenience of business process later.

Step 2: Complete information to open the booth on Lazada 

Information booth include: 

  • Owner name booth
  • National id number or company name, code number, BRN, tax Code 
  • Store information
  • Business address
  • Warehouse address
  • Bank account to receive payments 
Complete information to open the booth on Lazada
Complete information to open the booth on Lazada


  • Address: Complete address information, inventory accuracy, in particular to transport unit can come warehouses.
  • Bank account: the business person is individual, you can use your personal bank account number for payment. Also with business/ business, you have to use the bank account of the business.

Step 3: upload papers 

If business in the form of individual, you need to upload the scanned images of the front and back of The freight citizens. Also, business in business, business, you have to scan the front and back of business License. 

Scan id citizens for the form of personal business
Scan id citizens for the form of personal business

The Confirmation button, you will be redirected to the admin screen of Lazada Seller Center. Then, select account management features chat, select email and click on the Browse button is completed registration steps.

Step 4: Complete course for new sellers on Lazada 

Come here, you need to perform some of the following to be enabled and start operation.

First, you need to umbrella the first Course on the admin page Seller Center. At this time, you will be switch to self-study Programs for home sales.

Complete course for new sellers on Lazada 
Complete course for new sellers on Lazada

Self-study program includes the following contents:

  • Commitment to quality goods and proficient skills to create products
  • Question – specified quality of the goods and upload products
  • Process orders
  • Financial management
  • Questions on financial track 

Step 5: Post the products to the open booth on Lazada 

Post products on Lazada
Post the products to the open booth on Lazada

There are 2 ways to sign products for booth on Lazada:

  • Way 1: Sign craft products 

Access your admin Lazada Seller Center and click on it to Create products at the top of the page. At this time, the screen will show 1 popup and click on the button create products.

Next, you will be redirected to the page adding products. Then, you need to fill out the information describes products according to the requirements of Lazada. Note, you should fill in the information about the product as full detail as possible. As such, customers will easily visualize more about the product. Through that help to raise the rate of purchase on Lazada.

Finally, press the Save button and Complete.

  • Way 2: Sign series products 

Visit Seller Center, then click on products > Add product > Batch Upload. Then, you will be redirected to tab Template History, wait a few seconds for the system to create a file template. Last download form product list and follow the instructions that have finished posting product success.

Some frequently asked questions when open booth on Lazada 

The cost of opening stall on Lazada are not?

The costs when selling on Lazada
The cost when open booth on Lazada

Now, you don't have to pay any costs to be able to open the booth on Lazada. If, however, such as the use of the following services of Lazada, you will have to pay a certain fee:

  • Free pick
  • Free Fulfillment by Lazada
  • Canceled orders due to out of stock, or for the wrong price 
  • Updates order status slow
  • Prepare the slow
  • Wrong item delivery
  • Packing the wrong way rules
  • Delay, deny warranty
  • Buy and sell 
  • Contact the customer does not aim to determine the order
  • Packing fraud
  • Send the used stamps seal is not intact 
  • Goods expired or about to expire
  • Counterfeit
  • Prohibited goods 

Why shop sign products up again denied browser?

A few reasons why Lazada refuse browsing the products of the shop:

  • Posting product information does not match, wrong product categories
  • Content may contain links out
  • Suspicion of counterfeit goods, construction
  • Oversized cargo, too heavy, with big capacity
  • Content, images violation pure style, american vintage, 
  • Products included in the list of items prohibited for sale under the provisions of the law 

Lazada has the form of delivery it?

Forms of delivery on Lazada
Forms of delivery on Lazada

There are 3 forms of delivery for home shop on Lazada, including:

  • DropShipping: Staff, delivery will be to the store or the warehouse of you to take orders and delivered to customers (applicable Only in Hanoi and ho chi minh CITY.Ho Chi Minh)
  • Drop-Off: The seller to bring the goods to the point of despatch of the Lazada website and Lazada will delivery to our customers.
  • Fulfillment by Lazada: Home, shop consignment of goods in warehouse, Lazada Lazada will be responsible for packing and transportation of goods.

Hope the article on how to account registration, terms and cost of open booths on Lazada for beginners of DPS brought to you the useful information about the business. Follow us to update more knowledge and useful offline!

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