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How To Decorate Shopee With Canva "As Easy As Candy"

Shopee decoration

Shopee is currently holding its leading position in the market of e-commerce sites. This is also a "lucky" opportunity for startups when they can reach a large number of customers through smart algorithms from Shopee. But this is also the reason why the number of sellers at Shopee increased at a dizzying speed. So how can you help your shop pop up among competitors on Shopee? How to decorate Shopee to be unique but without spending too much? Let DPS guide you on how to decorate your shop on Shopee with Canva right on your phone for free and anyone can do it!

What does Shopee decoration need?

First you have to understand what Shopee decoration will need? What size?

Overall, Shopee has 7 elements that you need to add to help your shop's profile become more prominent and beautiful.

Ingredient NameDescribeRequirements

Cover image

The cover photo is the first image that customers see when they click on your shop. Therefore, usually when decorating Shopee, the cover photo will include the following information:

  • Shop name
  • Shop logo
  • Main industry
  • CTA
  • Resolution: 1200 x 675 px
  • Size: 2MB/photo
  • Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG

Revolving banner

Banners rotate as the name implies, which are images that, when clicked, will automatically or rotate according to the customer's click. Therefore, the amount of information of this component will be more. In addition, you can attach the URL to each product or shop category. For a carousel banner, you can use both images and videos.Image:

  • Size: Up to 2MB;
  • Size: Up to 2000 x 2000 px
  • Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF


  • Size: Up to 30MB;
  • Video Size: Up to 1280 x 1280 px
  • Duration: 10-60 seconds
  • Format: MP4

Banners with many pictures

Multi-image banners typically include information such as:

  • Promotions
  • Warranty Policy
  • Featured product images
  • Resolution: 1200 x 675 px
  • Size: 2MB/photo
  • Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG

Banner 1 picture

Unlike multi-image banners, single-image banners are only used to display product images.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 100-2200px
  • Size: 2.0 MB per image
  • Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

Synthetic banners

The aggregate banner is where the shop uses to redirect users to 10 different products/categories/pages in one image.
  • Resolution: 1200 x 100-2200 px
  • Size: 2MB/photo
  • Format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF


In Shopee decoration, too many images make potential customers look at and do not feel attractive and outstanding. You can add to the video to make the shop more lively and unique.
  • Video Size: Up to 1280 x 1280 px
  • Duration: 10-60 seconds
  • Size: Up to 30MB
  • Format: MP4

Shop introduction text

The above factors you can choose. However, the introductory text is absolutely not to be ignored.

In addition to the elements mentioned above, you can also decorate Shopee through the image of each product posted. They will include:

  • Product pictures
  • Product videos
  • Description of product information (Content: text, images and videos)

How to start decorating Shopee with Canva?

So how to start decorating Shopee with Canva? In fact, there are many different software that can assist you and Shop decoration instructions on Shopee. However, in terms of utility and simplicity, Canva is the first choice trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide. With handy features, you can decorate Shopee on your phone or with your computer. Anytime, anywhere, flexible time you want. Therefore, decorating Shopee with Canva is something that anyone at any level can do.

To be able to start decorating Shopee with Canva, you need to learn about the account modes that the platform offers. Canva will have 3 choices for you:

  • Standard version
  • Education version
  • Pro version

About the criteria, features and price of each account version, you can learn more at This!

How to decorate Shopee with Canva

Whether it's decorating Shopee on your phone or with a laptop, here's how to decorate your shop on Shopee that you shouldn't miss!

Keywords to decorate Shopee with Canva you need to know!

Finding decorative elements was difficult, now finding beautiful, relevant and free elements is even harder. But that's okay, DPS is here to collect and filter for you the top 10 beautiful font elements to help you design very easily and quickly!

  • Untitled.
  • Social Media UI
  • Frame UI
  • Price Tag Illustration
  • Minimal
  • Freeformpro
  • Ripper Paper
  • Speech Bubble
  • Me time

How to decorate a shop on Shopee with a pre-mixed color palette

Usually for a Canva Edu or Canva Pro account, you will already have the color scheme feature available. However, if you use a standard account and do not have advanced functions, color matching for amateurs will be extremely difficult. Because this is inherently a headache even for professional designers. With that in mind, DPS came up with pre-mixed palettes that include color coding. All you need to do is choose the color that best suits your shop and use it!

How to decorate a shop on Shopee with a pre-mixed color palette
Diverse color palette, suitable for many brands with different personalities.
How to decorate a shop on Shopee with a pre-mixed color palette
In addition, pastel tones are also a sweet choice. Suitable for mom and baby shops.
How to decorate a shop on Shopee with a pre-mixed color palette
This is a color version that is quite easy to coordinate and suitable for men's fashion brands or elements that need strength and elegance.
How to decorate a shop on Shopee with a pre-mixed color palette
The color scheme celebrates charm and nobility. Suitable for cosmetic and beauty industries.

Combine Vietnamese font pairs when decorating Shopee with Canva

There is a rule when designing that you should not use more than 2 fonts. So when it comes to shop decoration instructions on Shopee, besides choosing colors and choosing elements, combining Vietnamese font pairs is always a dilemma for newbies. Here are 10 pairs of Vietnamese fonts when decorating Shopee on your phone or computer, you should not ignore:

Vietnamese font pairs
Alegreya Sans SC and Source Sans Pro
Vietnamese font pairs
Julius Sans One and Archivo Narrow
Vietnamese font pairs
Libre Baskerville and Libre Franklin
Vietnamese font pairs
Lora and Poppins
Vietnamese font pairs
Monument and Woodland
Vietnamese font pairs
Montserrat and Courier Prime
Vietnamese font pairs
Oswald and Lato
Vietnamese font pairs
Pacifico and Quicksand
Vietnamese font pairs
Playfair Display and Raleway
Instructions to decorate the shop on shopee
Roboto and Montserrat


Above are some instructions on how to decorate a shop on Shopee for those who are new to Canva. Hopefully the information that DPS shares will help you build your sales channel to be professional and outstanding. And DPS is always ready to help you shopee store design with unique ideas that clearly express the brand's own identity. Contact us now for our support. 

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