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Some ways to design beautiful business cards for amateurs

You will not be able to understand how important business card design is in determining the success of your business. Depending on the needs of each person, there will be different ways to choose a name card, some people choose to design the name card image themselves to save money.

If you want to own an image name card If so, please refer to the article below. DPS will show you some ways to design your own name card.

Design right on simple word

For those who are not too familiar with graphic software, word is the savior to help you own a beautiful name card image. You can use MS Word 2016, lower word versions can cater for this as well. 

It's very simple, you just need to open a new page in Word, select the New option on the left side of the screen. Type search for the word Business Card” in the search box and press enter. Here you will get a number of available name card designs, just click to choose the one that you like best and then edit it to your liking.

Design a business card right on your phone

Don't think that only a computer can design a name card image, but even a compact phone you always carry with you can do this. Here are some mobile apps that you can refer to:

Specialized PsPrints software to design name card images. For this tool you can add text, images, objects, shadow blocks to suit your requirements

Business Card Star software brings you hundreds of beautiful designs. In addition, each design template is divided into many different categories. You can edit the information on the available business card template to suit your business

Canva software "witch" in online design. Canva is now a popular tool for those who want to design, with a variety of beautiful and extremely modern designs. The advantage of this app is that you can use it easily, without spending too much time and most of it is free to use.

Design business cards with graphic software

The advantage of this method is that your name card will be much more professional, you can create your own name card image without following any template. But not everyone knows how to use these software. Normally, if you want to design on graphic software, you have to go through a process of learning about tools, arranging image layout, .. to be able to produce the most complete product.

Design name cardsIn addition, you can choose a cheap name card design service

With a team of professional staff, the name card design service at DPS always gives you the best experiences and products. Ensure creativity, elegance and, importantly, leave a good impression on your partner

In addition, DPS can also advise you on feng shui name cards suitable for each individual and each business, contributing to your work getting better and better.

If you are looking for a cheap name card image, please contact us immediately to own the best product

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