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Keyword Research – The key to business success in 2020

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keyword research

SEO keyword research is the first and most important work before starting an SEO campaign. So let's learn about the role and how to get the most effective keyword set in 2020 with DPS Media!

What is keyword research?

Study key word is the process of analyzing, researching and researching to come up with the most suitable set of keywords for the business, ensuring it is true to the business line of the business, thereby giving specific strategies based on the set of keywords. analyzed.

In other words, from the set of keywords, we will be able to plan the next steps as the writing plan SEO-standard content, research niche keywords based on the main keyword set to easily reach target customers faster, as well as measure customer behavior and direction backlink The most optimized based on the main keyword set.

What is keyword research for?

Depending on the purpose of marketing, marketers will have ways to research SEO keywords in different tools and pages for the most appropriate and optimal. So to better understand the purpose of online keyword research, let's "dissect" more deeply about keyword types.

Keyword classification

Depending on the length and difficulty of the keyword, we divide keywords into the following 3 types:

Main keyword

These are the most typical, most popular keywords and also the easiest to apply. They are usually keywords with broad meanings (e.g. SEO services, women's jeans, uniforms, auto parts, etc.).

Because they carry broad and broad meanings, the main keyword is not the optimal choice if you want to reach the right target audience.

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Body keyword

Are keywords, keyword phrases that are much more specific and detailed than the main keyword, they have a relatively high search volume, but of course are lower than the search volume of the main keyword, about 2,000+ searches. every month, for example: sewing spa uniforms in Ho Chi Minh City, cheap overall SEO services, shops selling women's jeans, ..

An important note is that when researching keywords for the website, it is necessary to research deeply into the body keywords to ensure the best SEO effectiveness for the campaign.

Long tail keyword

Also known as another name, niche keywords, that is, detailed and specific keywords because a customer really has a need to search for a product or service.

Therefore, these keywords will have lower search volume than the head keyword and the body keyword. However, these will be the "golden" keywords that help you reach the right and fastest target customers if you know how to research keywords and exploit them properly.

In short, no matter what you do, where you do it, like keyword research for your website, or for your business on e-commerce stores like shopee, lazada, or keyword research facebook, youtube, google In order to have the most specific and optimal marketing strategies, the ultimate goal is to build a strong foundation for the development of marketing strategies in general and SEO in particular, the most standard and effective.

Then the end goal is:

  • Organic Traffic : Increase the search volume of natural keywords about the website fastest and most
  • Lead: directs searchers to stay on the website based on the information that the website provides optimally and for as long as possible.
  • Orders: There are orders, of course
  • Contact: From the information that the website provides, a potential customer data will be collected.
  • Revenue (for E-commerce websites): this is probably the biggest goal that keyword research people aim for.

Popular tools

Talking about tools, we divide them into two categories: Free and paid keyword research tools.

DPS Media suggests you the following tools:

Keyword research steps

Step 1: Market research, competitor research.

Understand me, understand the enemy, hundred battles, hundred victories. To have an effective SEO strategy, it is necessary to clearly understand the products and services you are doing, who your competitors are, who your customers want to target, ..

Step 2: Determine the focus keyword – the main keyword

Clearly define what is the main keyword to run throughout the entire campaign. From this main keyword, we can exploit the body keywords, niche keywords accurately and methodically.

Step 3. Find keywords using tools 

Use one of the tools suggested above to find the most relevant keywords.

Step 4: Filter groups of keywords (Keyword Map) accordingly

  • After having a complete keyword list in step 3, we have to divide and filter the keywords into different groups, each keyword group must correspond to the user's search goal.
  • By filtering keywords into different groups, users easily find the information they want in the fastest and most clear way.

B5: Up keyword map – Development orientation for keyword group

This is the time to optimize the search needs of users, the development orientation for the keyword group helps customers easily find the information they want.

This is the most important and time consuming step. Therefore, you need to be as detailed as possible, ensuring that the content plan is optimized to serve the entire campaign's SEO effectiveness.


Owning an optimal set of keywords not only helps you quickly get a lot of visits from Google, but a good set of keywords also helps guide your business development, making your website easy to "make money". .

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