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White Hat SEO – Complying with the Rules of the Game and Still Getting High Rankings?

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White hat SEO and Google rankings

White hat SEO What is that? White hat SEO And what is the difference between black hat SEO and SEO? How do our white hats comply with the rules of the game and still rank up?

No need to be long lines, invite you and DPS to answer all the above questions through the following article!

What is white hat SEO?

White hat SEO
White hat SEO is the practice of complying with all of Google's operating rules and policies.

The term white hat SEO – or White hat SEO is used to refer to the tricks in SEO, while complying with all the rules and operating policies of "uncle" Google. Most importantly the white hats don't use any tricks like:

  • Automated content (using from other websites, merging multiple lessons into one, …).
  • Hidden text (so that the text has the same color as the background so the user can't see it).
  • Report bad news to Google.
  • Remove links to competitors on bad websites (18+, child abuse, ...).
  • Spam searches for his keywords then clicks on his website to pretend users find him.
  • Spam searches for keywords associated with your brand.

Instead, strategists White hat SEO will always focus on building SEO standard website and quality in the long run. They do it mainly by providing the best experience for the audience that needs to visit the website.

So what rules will white hat SEO agencies have to follow?

white hat SEO and the rules
White hat SEO must follow Google's "rules of the game"

In fact, the techniques White hat SEO Not a super "secret" at all. They are simply a system of formal SEO rules, which DPS believes any beginner should read through at least once while learning about the field.

No more wasting your time; DPS will immediately and always summarize the techniques that you need to master including:

Content Is King – The principle is always always true in SEO

Why is content so important? Because creating quality, valuable and engaging content will be the guideline for any marketing campaign.

Indeed, only websites that provide good quality content and provide useful information are able to attract backlinks on their own; voluntarily provided by the users themselves.

However, when it comes to content creation, many of us often think only of finding new topics; but we forget to refresh the old content. This is also an effective way to create content.

This method is especially useful and effective when you apply it White hat SEO. Because you can not only improve the quality of the website's content; but you also avoid diluting your website with too many articles on similar topics.

Keywords – A solid foundation for success cannot be ignored

Importance of Keywords for White Hat SEO
Keywords – A useful tool not to be missed with white hat SEO

Besides content, SEO article writing techniques are equally important. Therefore, white hat SEO-ers always invest time to research and select suitable keywords to generate ideas for articles.

More than that, professionals must learn to select and use keywords in a smart way. Simply put, the main and secondary keywords are reasonably distributed throughout the content of the article they will publish on the website.

In addition, white hat SEO-ers always know how to thoroughly exploit images and related data, along with using keywords naturally. This is the key to good rankings. In other words, this is part of the technique White hat SEO In reality.

Optimizing Onpage and Offpage

Onpage and Offpage optimization is one of the tasks that White hat SEO perform. Because this pair of matching articles will help "reject" Google to verify the relevance of the content to the searcher's needs. At the same time, Google also checks the quality and reliability of the website or article.

Onpage and Offpage
Onpage and Offpage optimization is a task of white hat SEO-ers

So how to optimize Onpage? White hat SEO-ers can apply the following techniques:

  • Make URLs short and meaningful
  • Optimize title
  • Heading 1 in onpage SEO
  • Heading 2-3 in onpage SEO
  • TOC (Table of Content – Table of Contents)
  • Bold the main keyword in the article
  • Article length
  • Semantic keywords
  • Image
  • Optimize meta description
  • Optimizing readability
  • Optimize content depth
  • Feature Snippet
  • Internal link and Outbound link
  • Improve page loading speed
  • Website ensures Mobile-friendly
  • 301 Redirect, 404 and https

What about Offpage? Although to optimize Offpage is quite limited compared to Onpage, experts can use Backlinks and build a social media system.

Thereby helping the website's ranking on the pages Search Engine Results Pages – SERPs – displayed as high as possible. With technique White hat SEO, the interests of users always come first

In the world of white hat SEO don't think about buying links even for a moment

Buying links is a big taboo in White hat SEO. Instead, the communication strategies on social platforms fully exploited; for the purpose of building a source of quality backlinks and long-term value for the website.

On the other hand, building a website has a design UX and standard UI such as: page load speed, mobile-friendly or easy-to-navigate visitors. This is also what SEO white hats absolutely should do.

Black Hat SEO World

So on the other side of the front line – what is the difference between black hat SEO and White hat SEO? Don't be in a hurry, DPS will be your "guide" when learning about this underground world!

Black hat SEO – Black hat SEO is different from white hat SEO

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO
Black hat SEO exploits Google's vulnerabilities without caring about content and user experience.

On the other side of the boundary of White hat SEOBlack hat SEO is SEO tactics and techniques, which focus on finding and exploiting algorithmic vulnerabilities, in order to "evade" Google's laws.

Completely different from White hat SEOSEO in this form will not care what content they intend to convey and how users get the best experience on the website.

Compare the results that black hat SEO and white hat SEO bring?

Black hat SEO results bring
The results of black hat SEO are not as sustainable as white hat SEO and contain many risks

Black hat SEO still results in the rankings you or your business want. In some cases, the results are even better and take less time than White hat SEO.

However, this is a method fraught with risks. And it's obvious that it also gives results that are not LONG-TERM, which cannot be SUSTAINABLE in the long run.

More dangerous, if Google discovers that you are trying to SEO a certain website along the "dark underground path"; You will most likely face various penalties such as: significantly lowered rankings and no longer ranked or even permanently removed from Google.

The benefits businesses get when using white hat SEO

The cost to implement white hat SEO in the long run is much more economical

Saving costs is the first benefit that White hat SEO bring to the business in the long run. Firstly, SEO this way will be cheaper because businesses do not have to spend money and time on fixing violations that are detected and penalized by Google. For example, your company will save a lot of time and human resources manually removing spam links in the comments section of blogs and forums.

The cost of using white hat SEO
White hat SEO is more cost effective than Black hat SEO.

More importantly, if your business wants to use black hat SEO without worrying about being caught by Google; It requires the company to have a team of experts with relatively good technical expertise. Because most of this in-depth knowledge is not shared publicly; and that means you will have to pay to hire a team of experts or self-study, self-study to do this.

The credibility and image of the brand is increased in the eyes of customers

Reliability, consistency, and ethical considerations are benefits White hat SEO bring. Businesses use this form of SEO for two main reasons. The first is to prove that the business is both capable of meeting customer needs and trustworthy. Second, the high ranking of the website is achieved thanks to White hat SEO is usually more stable and lasts longer than optimization by circumvention.

Ensure the security and control of the website's appearance

When choosing the "white" SEO path, businesses will receive benefits related to security. Most importantly, you don't have to worry about when Google "touches" and suffers penalties from them; otherwise will be absolutely protected by Google.

Hope the article has provided useful information for you about the two SEO terms above. Are you sure you have the answer for yourself in choosing SEO website method?

 White hat SEO – Optimize your website in a SLOW but SUSTAINABLE way.

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