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Overall Website SEO – Sustainable and Effective SEO Solution

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Overall website SEO plan

What is overall website SEO? This is actually a comprehensive SEO strategy or SEO method for the website of almost any business in any field. By an overall web SEO plan is made based on the maximum analysis of keyword phrases searched by customers about the industry that certain businesses provide. From there, optimize and structure the website according to Google standards; It aims to enhance the user experience. At the same time, this process will help Google read the content on the website in the most accurate way.

In the long run, this overall SEO method will help improve the quality and reputation of the website in the eyes of "uncle" Google. And this SEO way will gradually help the website to the top of search engines by a huge keyword volume. Overall web SEO this is considered a powerful solution and an alternative to the traditional keyword SEO method with many risks. Join DPS to learn more about overall web SEO; benefits that this approach brings to the business. Finally, compare why it is considered superior to the "path" – keyword SEO.

1. What is overall website SEO?

Overall website SEO is a method of optimizing the entire website according to Google's standards and a number of other factors to increase the reputation and quality of your website. Along with improving the quality of the user experience.

There are 3 main factors to optimize overall web SEO which are Onpage SEO, Offpage SEO and technical.

2. Overall SEO benefits for businesses

In your opinion, what are the real benefits of an overall website SEO plan for a company? Why are so many people flocking to learn SEO and do SEO in Vietnam today?

With DPS, this is actually quite an interesting part! In fact, overall SEO brings a lot more benefits than we think: short, medium and long term for the growth of a business.

2.1. Overall website SEO helps to optimize ROI – Return On Investment

Why is it said that an effective overall website SEO plan can help optimize ROI? Because in fact, overall SEO is not only SEO for a single keyword, but you will have to do a whole set of keywords related to it. Therefore, when a keyword goes to the top, it will bring many other keywords to the top of the search engine at the same time; Even keywords that are not in the set of keywords you are expecting will be on top. Therefore, with the initial cost, the business can earn many times more than expected.

Overall web SEO and ROI

Moreover, thanks to the overall website SEO, you can collect the following information, analyze and thereby make timely and appropriate adjustments to your business plan:

  • Know the exact amount of traffic to your website – traffic.
  • Have a more overview SEO strategy.
  • Know that you have problems, invest in the wrong part to solve specifically.

2.2. Cost effective

Overall website SEO is considered a cost-effective marketing method or strategy; because it targets customers who are actively searching for products and services on the Internet.

cost effective

Unlike email marketing and telemarketing, overall website SEO is a method inbound marketing. This is a content-based marketing method SEO-standard content, attractive and helpful to answer questions and concerns of customers.

These contents will be widely shared to potential customers; and it will make them want to regularly return to the website to update new information. From there, overall web SEO provides much better quality visits to your website than other digital flaforms. Therefore, we can say overall website SEO is a marketing strategy that optimizes costs for businesses.

2.3. Overall website SEO improves user experience

Overall website SEO

Customer experience with business websites is also something that SEOers need to pay attention to.

Continually improving the website structure and the content on it is one of the best techniques to help an overall website SEO plan be successfully implemented.

This helps Google "favor" your website more. While, users can easily absorb and find information on the website. From there, visitors will appreciate the business website more.

2.4. Understanding potential customer behavior

Like DPS As mentioned above, overall website SEO helps businesses get quality visits, then Google Analytics will assist you in tracking, analyzing and statistics of this traffic in many aspects such as: gender, age, geography or when and how they use the website.

This data is considered extremely valuable because it helps businesses in sketching potential customer portraits. Based on that, the company selects and deploys appropriate marketing campaigns; or the business may identify one or more unsatisfied customer needs. From there, the company can come up with ideas and create products and services to satisfy that need.

2.5. Overall website SEO helps create credibility for businesses

Searchers often assume that the higher the ranking of a website on Google's search engine results, the more reputable the website is. It is clear that search page rankings are viewed as a vote of trust for customers. Therefore, your efforts to increase your website's rankings on Google is a way to build confidence for your business in the eyes of customers. And what SEO method can bring that to the business? The answer cannot be other than that of overall website SEO.

2.6. Build, strengthen and develop your brand through overall website SEO


Why do businesses want their website to be at the top of the search list? Do they just want visitors to find the products and services they offer? This is true, but still not enough for businesses.

In fact, businesses still want to build and strengthen their own brand image in the eyes of search customers compared to competitors in the same field.

Try to imagine! If people search for different keywords in the same industry that your business is operating. Google returns users the top list of many websites and your website is always in the top 5 of the search engine. This is like your business being one of the top 5 experts in your field thanks to overall website SEO.

3. So Compare the difference between overall website SEO and keyword SEO

  Overall website SEO Keyword SEO
Number of keywords – Thousands of keywords form related keyword sets.

Short keywords to use for branding and long keywords to increase conversions.

– Few keywords and short keywords.
SEO Platform - Optimizing the entire website of the business

- Attractive and useful content that answers customers' questions.

- Optimize website by focusing on backlink development.
Sustainability – Developing content to serve customers, so it is not affected much when Google changes its algorithm; for greater sustainability. – Unnatural backlinks are SEO practices that are not recommended; so sustainability is low.
Number of visitors – The total number of searches for long keywords is often many times larger than for short keywords

– Visits increase steadily when implementing the overall website SEO plan.

Short keywords have a long time to the top and lower visits.

– For example, with 1 keyword to the top, we get 100 hits. But if the overall website SEO we get to 100 keywords with each keyword is 3 hits and we have a total of 300 hits.

– So 100 keywords that do not go to the top 1 will have more traffic than 1 keyword to the top 1.

Cost In terms of time, overall SEO has a much higher ROI despite the higher initial cost. – Low cost because focus on a few keywords but not effective.


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