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Why are you running ineffective Google ads?

Google is considered as the leading search engine in the world and Vietnam is no exception. Customers before buying any product on the market also have the habit of searching for information on google. When the search results are displayed on the top of the page, it will be a valuable source of information that pulls customers to buy the product. Therefore, Google Ads has quickly been used by individuals and businesses to make their business more efficient.

What is google advertising?

Google Ads is a paid form when using advertising, you can create your own campaign. But the ultimate goal is still to reach customers and make a profit.

For Google search ads, you can reach customers according to their needs.

Why Google Ads are not effective?

Choose the wrong keyword

Keywords are the most important factor in running Google ads Because if you choose the right keywords, you can choose the right customers. And of course, if you choose the wrong audience, you will lose the number of potential customers.

The most important thing is that you know the keyword search trends of Google users, knowing the keywords is a great advantage..

Web site interface does not attract users

Sometimes the Web site interface is also the deciding factor that customers want to use your products or services or not. Some Web sites with unprofessional images and incomplete information also cause customers to lose sympathy.

Using keywords to attract customers is difficult, but to retain customers is even easier, so take care of your website so that it is eye-catching. If you know this, advertisement your performance will be optimal.

Landing page is also a very important part

Landing page is the landing page containing the content that you want to convey to customers when they click on the ad. Landing page can be viewed as an online store. Or many people use a landing page that is a specific product when a customer searches for the product name keyword. A good landing page helps to optimize strategies better, reduce advertising costs, and help you sell more products.

google adsHow to run the most effective Google ads?

You can invest in an advertising course if you have time and want to be more active in running ads.

Need to plan in detail and clearly, avoid investing too much but the effect is not much because of following emotions.

Accept budget investment in running ads

Use Google services of reputable units, this will help you run ads without taking time to learn.

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DPS is the leading prestigious unit that provides advertising services 

We always have different advertising service packages to be flexible and suitable for all types of customers.

If the business is large, the need to reach customers is high, and the budget is relatively large, you can choose the Google advertising package that we integrate a lot of modern features, with many outstanding advantages of the ecosystem. state Google.

Please contact us for a detailed quote on Google advertising services.

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