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Top 5 Highly rated SEO Service Company in Vietnam

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In the era of digital technology 4.0, SEO is considered an important marketing tool in business activities of enterprises. If you know how to do SEO well, your "win'" Top Google rate will be raised, thereby attracting a large number of potential customers for your business. However, to do SEO is not simple, it takes a lot of gray matter, time and money of the business. Therefore, hiring a company specializing in SEO services is the most effective solution. In this post, DPS will share with you the best SEO companies in Vietnam for your reference and choice. Let's find out together!


SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) means search engine optimization. SEO is the process of improving your website to put your article on the top of google search and attract a large number of users to visit your website.

SEO is an effective search engine optimization solution
SEO is an effective search engine optimization solution

So, it can be understood simply, an SEO company is a company specializing in providing search engine optimization services based on the specialized skills and experience of SEO Marketing experts. 


Bạn đang phân vân không biết nên thuê công ty SEO bên ngoài hay không? Liệu số tiền bỏ ra thuê công ty SEO có thực sự xứng đáng?

Hãy cùng tham khảo những lợi ích “khổng lồ” mà công ty SEO có thể giúp doanh nghiệp của bạn phát triển:

Improve your website's ranking on search engines 

The SEO company employs a professional, persistent and experienced team of SEO writers who will provide optimal solutions for your website to have the best position on the search engines. SEO experts will know what your website lacks, what needs to be changed to be more attractive to users and Google. They will help you research the most suitable set of keywords, optimize articles with standard SEO structure, support off-page SEO to ensure an increase in rankings on the natural search results page. From there, it will attract a large number of potential customers to visit, learn and use the products and services of the business.

Improve the quality of access to the website 

In addition to helping your website appear on the Top of Google search, an SEO service company also helps improve the quality of traffic to your website. They will use SEO techniques and build articles with useful information, attractive writing style insight client. As a result, businesses can quickly reach potential customers and increase the effective purchase conversion rate.

Highly specialized SEO company creates quality articles that attract potential customers
Highly specialized SEO company creates quality articles that attract potential customers

Time saving, cost effective 

If you think that hiring an external SEO company is expensive and wasteful, you are really wrong. Because when you hire an external SEO company, you only need to pay to buy their service package to be able to use a professional SEO team, including senior marketing specialists and an administrative team. Usually, the cost to hire SEO services is only half the cost of building an internal SEO marketing team.

And yet, when outsourcing SEO services, the marketing team in the business will have time to focus on other important campaigns and jobs. At that time, your website has just developed well and other jobs are still completed excellently.

Top 5 companies specializing in doing the best SEO services in Vietnam 

DPS Media – The leading SEO company in Vietnam 

DPS Media known as the company that provides SEO services prestige, leading professional in Vietnam. Despite its very young age, DPS has never shown any weakness compared to its predecessors in the industry by constantly updating trends and providing customers with quality services.

Thanks to the constant efforts and efforts of the staff and management, DPS has become a reliable unit chosen by hundreds of customers to accompany them in many fields such as education, cuisine, home appliances. applications, sports, health, real estate... And regardless of the trust of our customers, we have delivered effective projects, helping customers get the "property" that many competitors desire.

DPS specializes in providing sustainable and effective SEO solutions
DPS specializes in providing sustainable and effective SEO solutions

Currently, DPS not only provides website content writing services, but also meets from AZ to establish, develop, maintain and ensure the sustainability of the website. Using the service of DPS, you will not have to worry about anything, just sit and enjoy the "sweet fruit" that we bring.

Một website thời trang nữ mà chúng tôi đã xây dựng và những kết quả đạt được:

Contact Info:

  • Address: 276/28 Tan Hoa Dong, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Email: lienhe@truyenthongdps.com
  • Tel: 0932813311

Established in 2001, until now, Vinalink has provided sustainable SEO services and solutions for hundreds of large and small businesses across the country. With a team of professional and experienced staff, the company has brought effective campaigns with practical growth without spending too much.

Currently, besides SEO services, Vinalink also provides many other services such as: Marketing planning, web design, Facebook Ads, Live stream service, advertising film production...

VietAds Company 

VietAds is a reputable and professional SEO service provider in Ho Chi Minh City. With the motto of always putting the interests of customers first, the company always tries to bring the most optimal and effective services to customers.

Currently, the company is providing website SEO services, running Google Adwords ads, running Facebook ads and some other services such as email marketing, SMS marketing...

Company SeoViet 

The next name in the list of companies specializing in providing the best SEO services in Vietnam is SeoViet. With a team of experienced, enthusiastic and creative staff, the company always knows how to analyze and grasp the needs of customers to come up with optimal solutions, helping businesses reach the right customer files, save money. Save marketing costs and bring long-term solutions.

SEOVIET Company - Providing leading SEO solutions in Vietnam
SEOVIET Company – Providing leading SEO solutions in Vietnam

Some outstanding services at VietSeo that you may be interested in are: Website design, keyword SEO, keyword SEO, SEO traffic, SEO overall.

Company specializing in SEO services AZASEO

Azaseo Company provides keyword optimization services on the platform of Google and other search engines. In addition to SEO services, the company also provides solutions: website design, email marketing, website analysis, film - video production, ...

With its capacity and responsibility, Azaseo has brought customers attractive opportunities, helping your business grow continuously.


Above is information about the best quality SEO companies in Vietnam that we want to share with you. Hopefully this article will help you find the company that best suits your development strategy so that your business can be successful. 

Thank you for following our article. 

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