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Website SEO Standards – The Battle “Beat” Google SEO Standards

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What role does SEO standard website play? For the survival and sustainable development of any company, in today's explosive digital marketing era. And what is Google's standard to evaluate a business's website with SEO standards or not? Let's answer these 2 questions with DPS through this article!

The role of an SEO standard website for businesses in the 4.0 era

The most modern way of marketing new products and services

A standard SEO website will be an effective and easy way to market products and services to customers. According to 2019 data, the number of Internet users accounts for more than 66% of the total population in Vietnam (Vnetwork, 2019).

Moreover, with the appearance social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; will help you be able to link to promote your brand without spending too much.

With a website designed with SEO standards and with an eye-catching interface, it can help the search engine optimization process on Google have a higher probability of success. As a result, your website can achieve good rankings on the search results page.

seo standard website and number of users

Provide information anytime, anywhere- Standard Responsive Website Design

In the internet world, each website acts as a public display of products or services, where anyone can access and find relevant information. . It is a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to a large number of potential customers.

More importantly, the standard SEO website is not geographically limited. This means that customers from anywhere in the world can easily visit your website; without being constrained as a fixed store.

 “The bridge of the ruler” – SEO standard website – connecting businesses and customers

Because of the great benefits that SEO standard websites bring to businesses, it has unintentionally created extremely fierce competition in the field of website design. Because almost every business or company wants to own a website with an impressive and professional interface. This also partly affects the way users evaluate businesses.

Currently, customers tend to choose businesses with beautiful, impressively designed and user-friendly websites. Therefore, this is considered the new criterion for evaluating a company with the most large scale, stable operation and reputation.

So, once decided to enter this fierce online business; you have to choose one reputable SEO standard website design company, professional to create the most perfect appearance for your business.

Standard SEO website works almost 24/7

SEO standard website and uptime

SEO standard website will be an online store and operate almost continuously 24/7. So users can access the website anytime or anywhere without worrying about space or geography. This will make it easier for businesses to reach their potential customers.

6 SEO standard website design standards most important on Google

Google SEO Standards

We will encounter many difficulties or obstacles when checking a standard SEO website or not. If you do not have much knowledge and experience in the field of SEO. The following DPS will give some of Google's criteria for an SEO standard website.

Unique titles and descriptions for every page

Each of your web pages should have a unique and unique title and description. While titles contain about 60 – 65 characters, Meta descriptions are about 150 characters. These are two important factors that most accurately describe the page content without being stuffed with keywords.

Explicit URLs – URLs

Website URLs should be formatted in lowercase font and separated by dashes.

Fast loading speed

Regardless of the visitor is not patient enough or does not want websites with slow loading speed. Conversely, a website with a fast loading speed will often be very SEO-friendly. That means fast loading speed is beneficial in ranking because the algorithms will give it more priority to slower loading websites.

Unique content

“Cotent is King” is considered an immutable principle for standard SEO websites. As a result, the content on your website cannot be found anywhere else; and have unique and useful content for visitors.

In other words, a website with content copied from other sources will not be considered an seo standard website according to google's evaluation criteria. And obviously it won't rank high in the search results.

Contains SEO standard images

The fact is that search engines are very "favorable" for articles with lots of words. However, you also need to have the right images for your pages. Because images will make your content more vivid, easy to read and interesting to visitors. One thing you should keep in mind is to optimize the image size.

Clear and consistent page layout

A website usually requires the following key elements:

  • Header
  • Breadcrumb menu: helps visitors easily navigate between pages
  • Page title: unique for one page only)
  • Properly formatted text; along with the splits into short paragraphs containing subheadings
  • Writer's Information
  • Footer

Of course, there are many different criteria to consider a standard SEO website. However, here are the 6 basic factors that are considered the most important foundation.

Hopefully through the above article you have been able to understand more about the benefits of an SEO-standard website for businesses in the 4.0 era. As well as some standard SEO website evaluation criteria on Google for your business.

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