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Building Effective Content Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Building content marketing

Build content marketing This is the first step to successful brand promotion. One of the most important factors when building a content marketing strategy is that the operator must know how to seize the opportunity to exploit content and topics to get the most attention from customers.

When the pandemic is going on very complicatedly, businesses rely on it to come up with many ideas about the content of the article and is also a way to pull interaction effectively. But under the dangerous epidemic situation, many businesses offer tricks to catch likes and unclean views, increasing the sensitivity for people to access information. So how to be more skillful in building effective content in the present time?

Factors to help build effective content marketing under the impact of the global pandemic

Building content marketing must ensure humanity

Whether you build content marketing However, the final result still aims to convey to the viewer the most practical and meaningful values. Without this guarantee, your content will be considered as worthless.

Especially when all people's attention is focused on one direction, which is the epidemic situation, it is important for content to bring information, the positive meaning of joining hands to fight the pandemic. necessary power. It is not known whether this will help you increase sales or not, but you certainly have won some sympathy and love from customers.

Building content marketing
Grab builds a poster to guide 9 steps to prevent Covid-19 epidemic

Building a content marketing strategy must have a clear and consistent point of view

The mistake of many businesses is to rely on the epidemic situation to completely change the price and quality of services. This makes customers lose trust worse than losing customers who are loyal to the brand.

Businesses should actively communicate to their customers about not abetting wrongdoings that affect customers' interests during the COVID epidemic.

Don't forget to give practical gifts to your customers

If you are a builder content marketing strategy It's definitely impossible not to care about taking care of your customers. Instead of just communicating online and using words, you can give practical gifts to the "gods". Giving gifts at the right time, right need is the most powerful "weapon" for customers to trust your brand more and more.

How to build content marketing of big brands in the face of the epidemic

How to build a content marketing strategy of NIKE

For those who are knowledgeable about fashion Nike It's a very familiar name. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, Nike had to temporarily close some stores in many countries around the world. Instead, they focus on investing in content marketing.

Understanding the general situation, the vast majority of people have to implement isolation measures at home. This brand has launched many applications on smartphones. These applications provide exercises so that people can still practice sports at home, improve their health and resistance.

And to promote those applications, this "big man" used the image of an athlete who persists in exercising despite the never-ending pandemic.

How to build DoubleTree's marketing strategy

DoubleTree is a chain of large hotels in the US, famous for the chocolate chip cookies that are brought to customers when checking-in in the room. The special thing is that those cookies have a really delicious taste and the recipe for making the cake has never been revealed.

At the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, people had to isolate at home, the need to use hotel services was no longer there. To save the situation DoubleTree decided to release its recipe to the world.

Their videos have attracted hundreds of thousands of views, and many people even show off their work online after successfully making the cakes. It can be said with this approach though DoubleTree They no longer keep their secrets to themselves, but they have connected with a wide range of consumers.

The above article is intended to provide you with some information to help brands solve some of the difficulties in the current time. Take advantage of every possible way to get a towel as an opportunity for you, hope you find attractive campaigns for your brand!

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