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Building Satellite Websites in 2020 Complete

Recently, DPS Media has received a lot of questions and requests from customers about building a satellite website, but if you are not a professional marketer, you will be quite confused with dozens of articles out there. because most of them are written for SEOER, not for customers to understand clearly so that they can orient the development strategy to build the method of making satellite sites correctly and optimally.

Today DPS Media will synthesize a complete exercise on Satellite Website and how to make the most complete and standard satellite website according to Google's algorithm update in 2020, remember not to miss any words!

1. What is a satellite site?

These website having the same or related topics about products and services with the main website is called satellite website system or satellite site. But please pay special attention, the satellite website is also a completely separate website, works normally like other websites, not, remember, absolutely not a subpage of the main website and not the same. subdomain with the main website.

2. Purpose and role of satellite website system

Many people will ask questions, if site satellite is also a normal website, also works independently as the main website, so what is the purpose of creating them. Wait, calm down, read the following interpretations of DPS Media. The construction of a satellite website system serves the following purposes:

  • Support the SEO process - increase the ranking and traffic of the main website: by placing backlinks from the satellite website system to point to the main website, the rankings and visits to the main website can be significantly improved, of course. Comes with the condition that the satellite website must also be of good quality and reputation.
  • Help keywords quickly get to the top of Google and maintain rankings in a long-term, sustainable way over time.
  • Go for niche keywords, also known as guerrilla tactics, which means using satellite sites to develop content that focuses on long-tail or niche keywords.
  • Promote sales and increase revenue by reaching many target customers from different levels of satellite sites.

In summary, the role of the satellite website in its literal sense is to "be a background" for the main website, so that search engines can detect the backlinks contained in these pages, thereby evaluating the main website of the company. You are reputable, trustworthy.

3. Classification of satellite websites

Sounds a bit strange, isn't it, but according to the experience and knowledge of DPS Media, the satellite site system is classified into the following 3 levels:

Level 1: 

It's a normal website like the main website, using a separate domain, well-designed, full of content, the only difference is, her "implicit" purpose is to serve as a satellite for a main website.

Level 2:

Website 2.0 such as Blogspot, WordPress blog, Tumbrl, Medium, ... or services that allow users to create their own free blog.

Level 3: 

Forums, promotions, classifieds blogs, .. are generally services that are managed by a third party, but here you can create an account to post your own news like Tinhte, diendantinhoc, raovat , rongbay, webtretho, lamchame, ..

4. Satellite site system models

If you have a good understanding of satellite sites, the role and hierarchy of satellite sites, then you will probably wonder which model should develop them, in fact, according to DPS, there is no model. is absolute, because there is a safe and sustainable model, but it takes a lot of time and money, there is a model that shortens the time, it is not safe and if only "wrong one glass" you will be very easy to "fly all the way". staging". Therefore, DPS Media will arrange the models in the safest and most optimal order based on the experience built for more than 1000 customers during the past 8 years!

Link Pyramid (Link Pyramid):

It can be said that Link Pyramid is now considered a safe, long-term, stable model of creating satellite sites, of course if you follow Google's laws. Looking at the picture, you can probably imagine it, right, the main site will be at the top of the tower, the lower floors are satellite sites. Note that all 3 pictures are expressions for this Pyramid model, DPS Media deliberately drew many pictures for you to visualize.

With Link Pyramid, you can build into 3 or 4 specific floors as follows:

1st floor:

This highest position to create a direct backlink source must of course be for the main website, DPS Media also calls it Your Money Website (^_^)..the backlinks to this top floor will be taken from the 2nd floor. However, remember that you need to ping and submit to the directories to make the search engine permanent.

2nd Floor:

This floor can be likened to "the prime minister" or "the master" of that king, because its role is to affect the 1st floor, so you must definitely invest in the content in a thoughtful way. as much as possible. Of course, starting from the 2nd floor, you can completely use services like wordpress, squidoo, blogspot, tumblr to build a satellite site.

Floor 3:

The lower the floor, the easier it is to breathe, at the 3rd floor, you can just plow the link to "buy" a lot of backlinks without worrying about Google "touching". At the 3rd floor, you can use web 2.0, forum, website .edu, .gov, ... to build satellite site.

4th floor:

Go to this level, you can "loose" comfortably with black hat and gray hat SEO tips by creating blogs, automatically stir-frying content with tools to earn lots of backlinks. 

Here are a few notes for you: Absolutely do not link from the upper floor to the lower floor, especially do not link from the main website to the lower floors.

Advantage: Stable, safe, sustainable, because the spam backlinks have been hidden quite well in the lower floors, and the satellite sites that point directly to the main website are well-invested and quality, so the main site will not be affected if there is backlink spam from lower tiers.

Defect: Looking at the model is immediately obvious, too long, too costly in time and personnel if you want to have a perfect pyramid, moreover going through many floors pyramid Nor does it help the main website take full advantage of the satellite sites.

Link Star (Link Star):

If you do not have a lot of human and financial resources, this is the model DPS Media recommends you to apply. Why? Just look at the picture and understand. The backlinks will directly promote their power because the satellite sites are "advanced" pointing to the main site without going through any other "divided" layers. So if you do this standard link star model, of course, your main website will very quickly be "promoted" by Google.

Advantage: Fast, compact, quick, easy to understand, easy to implement, save time and money

Defect: If you do bad satellite sites try it, you will see the immediate consequences, not only will the satellite site be removed, but the main website will also be "resonated" back and forth mercilessly!

So the note for you when choosing this model is: invest in a "decent" satellite website system from design, domain, and content!

Link wheel (Link wheel)



Looking at the picture, it looks a bit "dizzy". In simple terms, it is a one-way closed circle connected by satellite sites. 

Features of the Link Wheel model are as follows:

  • Website is the "center of the universe" receiving backlinks from satellite sites
  • Satellite sites have at least 1 backlink and link together into a single one-way closed circle.

Advantages: With this model, it can be seen that the main site will receive "quite" backlinks from the satellite website system, so it will quickly get to the top thanks to the power of these backlinks.

Cons: The advantage will also become a disadvantage if one of the satellite sites has a problem, it will bring the whole system "understood" because Google's algorithm is not difficult to recognize this type of "deliberately playing". .

Link Chain (Link Chain):

How to build a satellite site?

Looking at this picture, it is very easy to understand the rules of this chain link model, isn't it, satellite sites will have 2 links, one is pointing directly to the main site and the other is pointing to the neighboring satellite site (except for the satellite site). last satellite). In general, this model is similar to the Link Wheel, except that it is not a closed circle like the wheel link model.

Advantage: Fast results, simple model, easy to deploy, easy to implement

Defect: Anything too fast is not good because if you don't understand Google's algorithm correctly to make good satellite sites and content, it's easy to "die" the whole set.

Web Link (Web Link)


building satellite site system


how to make satellite website



This model can simply be understood as complementing each other, ie each satellite site is also invested and cared for almost like the main site, also known as the target site. They are linked to the main site and also to the satellite sites in the system. Looking at the network is immediately understood, if this model is done well, the main site will have a huge amount of backlinks to unleash "flying" on the Google rankings.

Advantage: As mentioned above, because the amount of backlinks is poured in a lot and the satellite sites are well invested, the power of backlinks will maximize its role.

Defect: Don't see a lot of backlinks that are "dumb", Google will touch your back right away if "mistake" do not carefully do one of the satellite sites.

5. Which model to choose for your unit

As analyzed above, each model will have its own advantages and disadvantages, in addition, to choose a model that best suits your business form, it also depends on your financial and specific desires. your body too, so our advice is to go to DPS Media for advice on a standard model that best suits you. Avoid the situation of "groping" by yourself and then wasting both time and money, but still "worthless".

6. How to develop satellite site for the most effective and optimal?

After choosing a model that best suits your business form, how to develop them in the most effective and optimal way, let's join DPS Media to grasp the "bloody secrets" below. which we have gathered from experience and knowledge!

Do not be greedy

building satellite website system

It sounds a bit heavy, but this is very necessary, instead of just building a lot of satellite websites and then "failing" and doing it, just focus on one or a few satellite websites, but it must be really quality by doing it manually from taking care of the content for the website, to the well-thought-out website design, beautiful images, .. with full personal information contact on satellite websites to Create a certain level of Trust with Google that you are seriously building a website, not to deal with or as a basis for another website to be "promoted". This works great too!

Do not link satellite websites together

Everyone knows the sentence: "cat compliments a cat with a long tail", right?" So to be most natural in the eyes of Google, just do well on each satellite site and wait for the opportunity to backlink to the target site so that as natural as possible, as clean as possible, don't "struggle", don't "praise" each other for "long tails" but defecate. Another important note is, satellite websites should not be created at the same time, this is easy to "break the ropes".

“Eat clumsy, remember to wipe your mouth”

Don't laugh, because frankly, building a satellite website system is to bypass Google's filters, making the "big man" not discover that satellite websites lead to the target website. aka the main website – your money website, so remember to “clean the edges” thoroughly with the following tips:

  • The contact information on satellite websites must be different (email, phone number, ..)
  • Use different IPs to try to be as “transparent” as possible.
  • In case one day your opponent reports the system you've worked so hard to build, don't let the public know what websites your system includes, remember to "keep it to yourself". !

Remember the golden ratios so you don't get noticed by Penguin

That means you need to link satellite sites to the main website, but keep in mind that the ratio is 30% for the total number of links, don't be greedy and take that disaster. 

The ratio of 8: 2 is for the number of articles that insert backlinks to the main site, it is easy to understand that no article will be inserted to the main site, but please adhere to the ratio of 8: 2!

40% : This is the SEO result that internal linking brings, so in all articles, it is necessary to link internal articles together to maintain maximum effectiveness through SEO that this "weapon" brings. .

Take care of the satellite website itself

Remember to maintain the number of articles and quality of content for the satellite website, and also need to build a backlink for the satellite website itself to increase the reputation of the satellite website itself, thereby increasing the trust level to the target website. your. This is understood as Link juice in Google. The more Link juice, the higher the prestige.

Hopefully with this article, customers as well as Seoer have an overview and more details on how to build a suitable and optimal satellite website system. Hopefully this "empty gut" article of DPS media will help readers. Thank you for reading this article.

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