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How to write standard SEO content for beginners

To understand SEO well, you can't know it every day, but all need a long learning process. If you are looking for a guide to writing standard SEO content to become a professional SEOer, please immediately refer to our article below:

What is an SEO standard content article?

SEO-standard content articles are the most optimized articles for content and keywords that satisfy users' search needs.

To be able to satisfy your search engines and potential customers, you must create SEO-friendly articles that have high value for users, not just SEO optimization for it.

Steps to have the perfect SEO standard content article

Know how to choose topics

Whether your website attracts visitors or not largely depends on the topic. If your topic is attractive, hits the curious psychology of the viewer, then you have succeeded half. To find a good topic requires you to regularly update the news, learn new trends that people are interested in. If possible, choose a narrow topic so that other articles cannot compete and can easily get to the top.


Build a set of keywords

To write SEO-standard content, you should equip both the main keyword and the secondary keyword. The most important thing you have to understand is what consumers need, what information will they look up online? From there, it will help you form the desired set of keywords, your article will be easier to understand, no. Also help customers know if you are giving them the content they want or not?

Full article structure

Every article should have a good and catchy title

Do not put too many keywords in one post because it easily leads to too many repetitions and boredom

Short, easy-to-see sentences, keywords should not be too long.

The content of the body of the article should be full of information, accurate, not rambling to other issues. It should be divided into several small paragraphs that are content around the subject of the article, each with a heading containing the main or related keywords.

Insert links, other links must be contextual and appropriate

The standard SEO article conclusion usually has the role of summarizing the content and emphasizing the importance of the article, with a length of 80-150 words.

This is also a good opportunity for you to reiterate your brand to call customers to action.

Don't forget to insert the keyword one last time and cite the source if applicable.

Standard SEO articles


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