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Verify Google Maps

Currently, the Google Maps verification service is becoming more and more popular and is interested and researched by many individuals, businesses or business units. So to learn more about this issue, let's read the article below! You have […]

Are you having problems with:

– Created a map, but I can't wait to see any mail from Google

– I want when I search for my location on Google, my map will appear

– Want customers to find the Map of your store, or your unit when typing a search on Google, ..

So all you are looking for, just through our Google Maps verification service, will help you solve it all quickly, optimally and economically.

What is Google Maps?

The current situation

Currently, because Google is increasingly tightening its policy to avoid spamming Google Maps or registering for the Map, it is not official, so if you are not a Google expert or a professional marketer, then surely registering. and verifying the location on Google maps will make it difficult for shops and businesses. Because not everyone knows how to verify a Map or understand the strict laws of Google.

Well then, if you don't receive any verification message to your phone or PIN sent by Google in the mail or any problem with Google maps that you are having, then Google Maps verification service Ours is the perfect solution with the fastest and most economical results.

Why your business should verify Google Maps

Google Maps is currently the most popular map in the world with a huge number of users in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Google Maps, in addition to the function of providing information about routes, locations, and directions for tourists, is currently being developed by many shops and businesses interested in online business.

Therefore, the need to register and verify your business location is extremely important and urgent if you do not want to lose a huge number of customers from Google.

Google Maps is always displayed first by Google

Simply put, when you search for any unit on Google, the result that appears is always a map on the right hand side of your screen, that is the Google Maps map of that unit. However, if the entity already has a fully verified Google Maps from Google.

This shows you that, if you do not quickly register on Google's digital map today, you will lose a lot of opportunities to reach customers quickly and effectively through the largest search channel in the world. this bridge.

Google has always prioritized displaying search results with Google Maps over other normal results, of course, because Google Maps is an application developed by the Google corporation. 

Showing Google Maps search results in a variety of businesses is a top priority for Google today.

Attract more leads with Google Maps verification

Because of Google's priority with results displayed from Google map, so this will be the channel for customers to find the products and services that you are doing business in the fastest and most effective way.

In particular, Google Map will give priority to all customers who are around your store or business area. This is why you must, if not must, use it Google Maps verification service to make the most of accessing this potential customer source instead of letting customers fall into the hands of competitors.

Imagine when a customer wants to find a restaurant to have dinner, but your company is sitting on the first page of the search page, then surely, the opportunity for customers to choose you as a destination accounts for 90% .

So do you want when customers search for a product or service that you are doing business, your unit appears first?

Increase the reputation of the business

Reputation and professionalism of your business will increase significantly if your location on Google Map is verified (Verify Map). Once the Google map has been verified, you don't even have to worry about Google deleting the Map or getting a bad report from your competitors or changing your Map information, affecting the business reputation because the Map has not been verified.

A notable point is that customers can leave reviews of your business on the Map, and you can interact and respond to reviews through a verified map location.

Easy for customers and carriers 

Once your map has been verified, you can freely customize the content, images, and information of your unit on it without any problems like with an unverified location.

Moreover, it is the marking that shows the exact location of your unit on the Google map.

Thanks to that, the shipping unit, shipper or customer can easily visit the business, store or deliver goods faster and more conveniently because your business information and location has been fully displayed on Google. Maps.

SEO Maps and Marketing are more effective

One of the current trends in promoting businesses on Google in an economical, fast and effective way is Google Maps SEO (Local SEO).

SEO Google maps is also being applied by many businesses when implementing Marketing to promote sales.

The outstanding advantage of SEO Google map is fast SEO time, not as much effort as keyword SEO or as expensive as running Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

Of course, to do SEO Map Google, you first need to have a location that has been verified by Google Maps first.

Why do you need Google Maps verification service?

Currently, the verification of Map with Google Business will be done through two forms.

One is phone verification, a verification code will be sent to your phone number via SMS automatically sent from Google. However, with this method, Google only applies to a few businesses, not all phone numbers used to register locations on Google Maps are allowed by Google to be quickly verified via SMS.

The second is to verify the Map by mail sent by Google. The downside of this method is that it takes a lot of time because at least 14 days you will receive a message from Google, sometimes 2-3 months. Not to mention many cases where mail is lost or not delivered to the correct address.

Then, to make Verify Map become faster and more convenient, do not waste time waiting or have a headache about verifying locations on Google's digital map in a simple, fast, safe and best way. is to use Google Maps verification service of our DPS Media.

When to use Google verification service Maps?

  • When you have trouble verifying Map or simply don't know how to register and verify Google Map.
  • You do not receive a phone verification code nor a verification PIN from Google.
  • Your unit has created a Map but has not been verified, so Google scans and deletes the Map or is played badly by the opponent, reported the map.
  • You need to verify the Map right away to SEO Google Maps, you don't want to spend too much money on running Google Adwords or Facebook ads. 
  • When you want your location and business information to appear professionally on Google Maps digital maps.

Professional reputable Google Map verification service

If you are looking for a Map verification service in HCMC, we, DPS Media are the perfect choice for you. DPS is committed to verifying Google Maps quickly, effectively with the best cost today.

1. With a team of experienced and new professionals, we make sure to use the Verify Google Maps forms quickly, effectively and safely.

2. Time to verify location with Google quickly, no more waiting for mail from Google.

3. Warranty and ready to support all customer requirements.

4. Always put the word TAM on the top.

5. 24/7 dedicated consulting to help customers optimize the information displayed on Google Maps and SEO Map effectively.

6. Map verification cost commitment is always the best.

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