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Learn Website Design With WordPress For Beginners

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Learning to design a website with wordpress is important and necessary to contribute to promoting a successful and shining website. If your website quality will retain customers, not just that they just visit and leave immediately.
In this article, we will show you how to create a website with WordPress for beginners.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source PHP language used to create personal websites or blogs. Currently, WordPress is very popular because of its high applicability and extremely easy operation. Social development of WordPress users is increasing day by day and of course the participating developers also add more features to WordPress.
Up to the present time, WordPress can create many different pages such as blogs, news / magazine websites, business introduction, sales - e-commerce, ... or even services such as hotels, restaurants, car rentals, etc. are also implemented on WordPress.

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Why do you need to learn web design using wordpress?

Any business needs a reputable website that is seen as the face of that business. That's why learning WordPress web design is extremely important.
Each different business field will have its own target audience. Understanding the customer is also an advantage when designing the web yourself. Many self-learners learn web design with wordpress because they want to be more proactive in their ideas and save a lot of money. Moreover, wordpress is also very easy to use, suitable for non-computer experts.

How to design a website with wordpress

Domain Registration

Domain registration is the first step you need to do when designing a website on wordpress. Domain is an extremely important factor that determines a lot to the brand and SEO on the website.
Note that before registering you must check if the domain ever existed, because Google can check your history at any time.

Buy Hosting

Hosting is considered a document repository, storing all the data of the Website and the source code of WordPress. The speed of a Web site depends a lot on Hosting, so you should consider buying the right package for your business.

Point Domain to Hosting

After successfully registering Domain and Hosting, the next step is to point the Domain to Hosting. The steps taken will vary between providers.

Install WordPress

We can install WordPress in 2 ways
Automatic installation: Most of the hosting companies now try to install WordPress themselves.
Manual installation: Use software available on the internet to install WordPress.

Install Theme

On WordPress there is a repository of themes that are free to use. Depending on the purpose of using different websites, we can choose for ourselves the appropriate type of Theme.

Install Plugins

After website Once you have the look you want, you can move on to the Plugin settings. You also need to define the website design purpose to install the Plugin.

Design course wordpress website design course for beginners

Just spend a little money to buy a web design course with wordpress and you will turn yourself from zero to a professional programmer. Study hard and refer to many other websites on the internet, you can own a considerable amount of knowledge. And yet, you can not only design your own website, but also get an outside design to earn extra income for yourself.

The above is one of the basic information for those of you who are in need of self-study website design with wordpress, hope this article can help you.

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