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Facebook advertising service

Currently, using Facebook to increase the spread of products and services to the right target customers through safe and diverse advertising methods is an optimal and extremely effective solution. many units in use. However, if you know Facebook's specialized rules and techniques, the above advertising will have many opposite effects.

DPS Media's Facebook advertising service not only ensures businesses reach the right target customers, increases customers' prestige and trust in the brand through the number of likes on the business's Facebook Fanpage, but also also increase the number of orders for customers in the most effective and optimal way with a completely transparent and reasonable cost.

Why should you use Facebook advertising service?

1. Huge number of users

According to the statistics of Social Bakers, in Vietnam, there are more than 23 million people using Facebook every day, with 93% being between the ages of 14-30.

This is extremely useful information for all businesses, especially in the fields of fashion, digital technology or beauty to reach customers through the world's largest social network today.

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2. Easily reach the right potential customers

Each company, each field has a different audience and customer segment, with their experience and technical expertise, DPS' marketing team will set up Facebook advertising campaigns based on Age. – Gender – Geographic area – Interests – Marital status, .. so that the unit can quickly and accurately market to the right target customers without spending a lot of money, time and effort.

About our facebook advertising service

With experience in implementing thousands of Facebook ads in all fields and industries effectively. We, with professional techniques and the MIND as a guideline for survival in the profession, will help you in detail and detail to advertise your products and services in the best, most optimal and most effective way.

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Perhaps you have experienced the following problems:

 tick-selectYou have run Facebook ads yourself with your personal account or have hired many other agencies to run facebook ads but the effect is not as expected.

tick-selectYou do not receive a detailed and transparent advice for the strategy of your own product or service such as: Advertising content, optimization, target customer segmentation, images to run ads, Optimize Fanpage, standardize content on website and destination…etc. So you don't know why your ad is not effective, don't know the reason to fix it.

tick-selectYou can be a government business unit, a private enterprise, a unit with foreign elements, or shops selling goods in stores or online, small shops, ..you know about that Faebook, However, it is not specialized, so you need to have your own marketing experts to advise you on your own strategy in the most understandable way, with the most attention on your own products and services, but other units are not really experienced. about the field you do business, or do not seriously learn about your services and products before implementing, so the results are not as you want.

About DPS

So come to DPS Media? With a team of staff full of positive energy, having the best heart in the world and real combat experience in all different industries for more than 8 years of operation, from fashion brands, products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals products, spas, beauty salons, consumer goods, online shops or individuals, organizations, businesses, NGOs, education, healthcare, ..

We are always ready to support you with free advice and dedicated to help you 24/24.

DPS Media is committed to bringing the highest and most optimal efficiency to customers with the lowest cost.


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