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What Is Brand Slogan? The Difference Creates Great Value

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Brand slogan is an important factor that makes people remember when mentioning a certain name or business. Most people in the marketing industry know about slogans, so what is a sologan? How important is it really? How is the slogan attractive? Those questions will be answered by DPS now.

What is a slogan?

Slogan is a saying that expresses the message of a certain brand and is given in the most concise way. The saying expresses strength or softness depending on the product that the brand offers. In other words, a slogan, also known as a "marketing slogan", can be created by playing with words, rhyming, and rhyming, but must convey the message that the brand wants to send to customers.

What is a slogan?
What is a slogan?

What is a good slogan?

Slogan is an indispensable element in marketing campaigns. But in order to create a good slogan, leaving a deep impression on viewers, not all businesses can do it successfully. Factors to evaluate a good slogan

Slogan must be related to the product

No customer will understand what your slogan is trying to convey if it is not related to your product and brand.

A good slogan will leave a deep impression on viewers, but what if they remember the slogan without knowing who you are?

Good slogan
Slogan must be related to the product

Slogan must be short and concise

There is no basis for stipulating how many words a slogan is allowed to use. But after much research, experts have drawn that readers will have a hard time remembering long, winding sentences. Short sentences make it easier for readers to remember and absorb.

However, the slogan should not only be brief, but it must also fully express the message of a brand. If the transmission is not clear, it can cause customers to misunderstand the content and products you are talking about.

Good brand slogan
Slogan must be short and concise

Ensure the truthfulness in the slogan

Not only for slogans but in any field, honesty must always come first. Does what is said in slogan Is your business really doing it?

Benefits that brand slogans bring

Sloagan helps build brand impression on customers

Slogans often carry many meanings close to life and touch the emotions of readers. This can be seen as a bridge between businesses and their customers.

Slogan makes a difference between brands

Slogans make a difference between sectors, services and industries. An effective slogan is that it makes customers remember more than the competitor brand.

Slogan helps to develop brand

Slogan is an element that is always associated with the brand. It creates value, does the task of explaining the meaning and message of the product in the media, so it is a lever to promote brand development.

From the above, we can clearly see the importance and influence of the slogan for a brand. Always think and understand customers to be able to come up with the most intelligent ideas, make a difference for your brand!

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